5 best call recorder apps for Android and iOS

If you receive calls from people that you need to record, a good call recorder app can ensure you can playback those calls later after you’ve hung up the phone.

While some people have no reason to record phone calls, it can come in extremely useful in certain lines of work – or, maybe you just want to listen back to incoming and outgoing calls for fun.

We’re going to take a quick look at the best phone recording apps that are available so you can listen back to your calls when needs be.

Cube Call Recorder ACR App

Cube ACR is one of the most well known phone recorder apps, and it uses an integrated file-management software to manage your recorded audio.

You can set Cube up to start phone recording automatically whenever you make a call to someone else, or whenever you receive a call too.

One of the best things about Cube is that it works with more than just your phone calls via Android. You can also set it up with WhatsApp, Skype, Hangouts, Signal and most other calling apps too.

You can use the Exclusion list to make sure that the call recording feature only activates when certain people contact you, which is super handy for business reasons.

This is a free call recorder app to test out, though the subscription is relatively cheap and may make sense if you need those extra features. But overall, this is the best call recorder app that you can use.

Rev Call Recorder

Rev Call Recorder is an iPhone and Android call recorder app that works extremely well for making outgoing phone calls whilst using the smart voice recorder.

This phone recording application lets you record your iPhone phone calls easily at with high quality audio files downloadable after you’ve finished your call.

One of the best things about the app is that it offers unlimited call recording for both outgoing calls and incoming calls too. It’s a free app to download too, which is surprising considering the quality.

So if you’re looking for a free call recorder app, you may want to look at downloading the Rev Call recorder.

iCall Recorder

iCall recorder is another call recording software that works will, and the app is very useful when recording incoming & outgoing phone calls.

This call recording software can capture and store your calls in real-time. You can record calls and then download them to Dropbox, Evernote & Google Drive to be sent to someone else if you wish.

The iCall app helps you organize calls, as you’ll be able to use the simple interface to navigate through all of your previous calls and phone conversations.

iCall Recorder can help you capture the phone calls in realtime, and there’s an unlimited duration of calls allowed within the app too, meaning that iCall allows you to record a lot of phone calls.

With a simple and clean UX, this is another good choice if you’re looking for an iPhone call recording app that works.


More than just a call recording app, True Caller provides best spam blocker software for dealing with unwanted calls.

However, the app removed their call recording feature as of 2022, so we’ve had to move this one to the bottom of our list (though it’s still perfectly good if you’re getting harassed).

Common Questions about Call Recorder apps

What are call recorder apps?

Call recorder apps are mobile applications which can be used on your phone for recording incoming and outgoing calls.

This software can record an individual user or multiple users, and all you have to do is press a button (you can even set up automatic call recording if needed too).

How do call recorder apps work?

Call recorder apps work by allowing you to record phone calls to and from your device, using your microphone (just like sleep recorder apps). They are generally used for business purposes, though there are certain restrictions around downloading audio files for privacy reasons.

Are call recorder apps safe?

Call recorder apps are generally considered to be safe for both iPhone and Android devices. However, Google has stated that they don’t like call recorders being used on their platform, so bear this in mind when downloading a third party app.

Can we record calls without others knowing?

If you record phone calls with the apps above, the other person on the phone won’t be notified that you’ve recorded calls, so there’s nothing to worry about there. Though in some industries, it may not be acceptable to record phone calls.


The best call recording software for iPhones can make things much easier to remember your call, as you’ll be able to play back your call recording afterwards.

This can be useful for training customer service, or keeping track of important client data. However, smartphones boast high security features, which often means that they’re hard to use with a call recorder app.

The recommended method for recording phone calls on smartphone involves a third-party app – fingers crossed our list has helped you find the right one.

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