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Many people talk in their sleep without even being aware of it – you may not even realise before someone else lets you know that you’re a sleep talker.

If your sleep talk difficulties are potentially becoming an issue, you can record your voice while you’re sleeping.

The best way to do this is download a sleep-talking recorder – here’s a few of the most useful sleep recording apps for Android phones.

5 of the Best Sleep Tracking Apps

SnoreApp – Snoring analysis & detection

SnoreApp is one of the most popular applications for Android devices, and as you’d expect, it records your sleep with the voice recording feature.

The SnoreApp system tracks what occurs while you’re sleeping, what sounds that you’re making during your sleep and then diagnoses them accordingly.

Then you’ll discover one of two things – you’ll either find that there’s no snoring or talking while you’re sleeping, or there’s a chance you might be sleep talking, which you can see with the audio snoring signal that monitors your sounds whilst you’re asleep.

The app will save the data produced to your Android phone, but those saved sleep records will only be accessible by a smartphone app.

You can easily mark snoring events within the app using the bar charts that will identify exactly how deeply you’re sleeping and the intensity of your snoring.

Though the app isn’t that in-depth, it’s a good basic snoring app that works – you can manually set the starting time that the app will start recording, and then wake up an analyse how you slept overnight.

PrimeNap: Free Sleep Tracker

Another one of the most popular sleep talking recording apps is PrimeNap, which can help to improve sleep patterns when you download the software.

When you go to sleep, you can set the app up and then shut off the phone. There are various different modes that you can activate in the app that can adjust your ongoing recording.

After you wake up, you can then analyse your sleep state. The sleep analysis program provides you with a chance to learn about important information such as sleep cycles and phase.

Analysing your sleep phases in depth can help you to work out whether you’re getting enough deep sleep, which is important if you want to get a proper rest and avoid sleep apnea.

PrimeNap is definitely an app to download if you want to ensure that you’ve got a regular sleep pattern and prevent any sleep problems in the future.

ShutEye: Sleep Tracker

ShutEye is another sleep tracking software , and it has many functions you can use -starting from sleep diagnostics through to improving sleep quality.

Some people may want the ability to record their voice for fun, whilst others may actually be concerned about sleep apnea and deprivation. This app can help you to diagnose and improve sleep, which is an essential component in your daily life.

The application allows running third party applications that help improve our sleep quality too. It has a sleek interface and is relatively easy to use, even if you’re not used to using sleep talk recorder apps.

For instance, the vast collection of sounds for sleep can be used to create a better ambience when you’re sleeping, as well as sleep stories that can make things a little easier when you’re trying to drift off.

This is one of the best sleep talk recording apps to use if you want to track your sleep cycle, as you’ll get a detailed sleep analysis report in the morning too.

SnoreLab: Record Your Snoring

Another very popular app you can use to record sleep talks is SnoreLab. The app uses smart snoring detection to work out whether you’ve got a sleep disorder, and it can actually help you to sleep quieter over time.

When you fall asleep, the body functions normally. So, whilst you’re snoring, this app can help to determine whether there’s any erratic speech or certain words in your sleep.

SnoreLab tracks your sleep and why you’re making different sounds as you sleep – you can track your lifestyle factors in the app, and it’ll give you advice on how to improve your sleep.

It’s a great app to use, and all you need to do is set it up and leave it running whilst you’re asleep.

Sleep Talk Recorder

This is a widely used app that allows recording conversations at night, and it has millions of downloads making it one of the most popular recorders in the Play Store.

The app is pretty well designed, and it’s extremely easy to navigate through the app when you’re using it due to its simplicity.

There are plenty of different filters that you can use with Sleep Talk Recorder, and it’s worth using the advanced filtering function to adjust the individual settings of the app.

This can include using a manual sensitivity level, which can help improve your sleeping experience.

Once done, you can use the app to analyse selected sleep recordings and figure out how many hours of sleep you’re getting per night.

Dream Talk Recorder app

The Dream Talk Recorder app is designed to record and save sounds that occur while you’re sleeping.

This could be snoring, sleep talking, or other nocturnal noises. Here’s how it typically works:

  1. Setup: Before you go to sleep, you set up your device (smartphone or tablet) close to your bed with the Dream Talk Recorder app opened and properly configured.
  2. Detection: The app uses the microphone on your device to listen for sounds. It has a sensitivity setting that you can adjust depending on your environment. For example, if you have a quiet bedroom, you might set it to a lower sensitivity, while a noisier environment might require a higher setting.
  3. Recording: When the app detects a sound that exceeds the threshold you’ve set, it starts recording. The recording continues until the sound stops.
  4. Review: In the morning, you can review the recordings made during the night. This allows you to hear any talking, snoring, or other sounds that occurred while you were sleeping.

Please note that the app’s performance and exact features might vary based on the device it’s used on and the specific version of the app.

However, when it comes to sleep recorder apps to track your sleep, Dream Talk Recorder can definitely help.

Common Questions about Sleep Talk Recorder Apps

How can I record myself sleeping with my phone?

The first thing to do is download a sleep talking app – you can then record your nightly sleep on your Android phone. Once you download the app, you will see a β€œStart recording” button. Before you fall asleep, you need to close your mobile and click the buttons. Every sound that happens when sleeping is now recorded.

Are there any free sleep recording apps?

If you’re looking for a free app that can be downloaded for iOS and Android devices, we recommend checking out PrimeNap. It is a free app with a number of features that include sleep monitoring, smart alarm setting, lighting and noise monitoring, alarms, sleep reminders and seven day sleep history.

Is there a way to stop sleep talking?

Many users looking to download sleep recording apps are interested in finding out whether they snore in their sleep or talk loudly, and whether they can stop this from happening. Though it’s possible to dramatically reduce the amount you sleep talk by reducing stress and getting more sleep, there’s no definite way to stop sleep talking.

What does sleep talking mean spiritually?

Sleep talking refers to the act of speaking in your sleep without noticing your words, and if you do it a lot, it can mean that your unconscious mind has something to tell you. This is why Sleep talk recorders are popular, as you can record your nightly sounds in your sleep and listen back to them the next day.


The truth is that many people often talk while sleeping. Once you notice this, it can be a good idea to download an app that allows you to hear exactly what noises you’re making in your sleep.

Then, you’ll be able to analyse the situation more, and figure out how you can get a better sleep by using the data that you have.

This could be by getting more hours or finding a way to fall asleep faster – either way, a sleep recording app is a great way to combat sleep deprivation.

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