Is APKPure safe and legal? – Here’s the answer

APKPure is known as one of the best ways to download apps for your Android device that aren’t from the official Google Play store. It’s long been used by Android users for downloading third party apps that you can’t find in official stores.

However, there are still those that wonder whether APK files are safe to download. So, as users of the site for many years, we’re going to run through everything you need to know about the APKPure app store.

Is APKPure safe to download apps from?

In general, yes the APKPure store is safe for downloading apps – however, there are a few caveats to that.

An APK is simply an Android Package, which is ready to be installed on an Android device. Not all apps make it into the Google Play store, but that doesn’t necessarily mean to say that all the apps that are rejected are bad.

Downloading from APKPure is a little bit riskier than downloading directly from Google, but they do a pretty good job to ensure that only verified apps get listed on the platform.

APKPure’s app verification process involves comparing the user signatures to the original. This is all manually done to help make APKPure safe to download apps from.

Though, this doesn’t guarantee 100% security where Google is concerned, and they won’t recommend you download apps from there. However, many users are enjoying the benefits of the large number of apps available for APKPure.

So, do your own due diligence when browsing the APKPure store and you should be absolutely fine.

Is APKPure legal?

Even though it’s not official, yes APKPure is completely legal to use to download apps from – it just gives developers an opportunity to release their apps to the public.

However, although they generally do a good job of verifying apps, there may be some pirated apps on the platform at times.

You can start to tread into murky waters when downloading apps that are typically paid, as they don’t have the copy rights of these apps if they are released without the author’s permission. Nevertheless, they let developers send DMCA requests to remove apps from the APKPure.

APK installation is legal, and Google doesn’t restrict downloads from other apps. If it was illegal to use an APK file then Google stop the ability to download it to their Android devices (since Android owns Google).

Why should you use the APKPure app store?

There are generally a few different reasons why users head to sites like APKPure instead of sticking with the Google Play store. This includes the ability to;

Pass geo-restrictions

APKPure allows you to download apps from any location – many apps are regionally locked so they are only downloadable in certain regions.

Sometimes the apps are locked to certain regions for marketing reasons, as app developers can delay the release in certain regions.

Using VPNs can help prevent geolocation restrictions, giving you the ability to run apps that aren’t available in your region yet.

Version history

One of the good things about APKPure is that it supports older versions of apps – this can be extremely useful, as sometimes app developers may remove features that are actually useful.

APKPure usually provides descriptions of all app versions, which means that you can easily download old versions of apps safely knowing the potential bugs that may have been fixed in new versions.


Developers who want create apps without having to jump through Google’s hoops can use APKPure as a platform to upload their app or its applications – this gives them more flexibility when creating apps, not having to worry about Google Play store restrictions.

So, APKPure enables devs to skip Google’s guidelines. This additional flexibility can be used to test out new apps.

There are also times where the Google Play store may release updates but you don’t have enough space to download them – you can switch over the APKPure to download the update instead.


In conclusion, APKPure may offer an alternative download option to the Google Play store if the app cannot be downloaded directly. You can even use it to download the Play Store APK if needed.

Though there’s definitely some risk with downloading apps from sites that aren’t official app stores, if you know what you are doing you can usually avoid downloading anything harmful.

The APKPure application is generally safe to download from. All of the apps are verified before they are published on APKPure app, so they’re generally all pretty safe, but remember to do your own due diligence just in case.

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