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We all have distractions on a daily basis, and if you don’t get things organised, your day can become scrambled pretty easily.

One way to combat this is to use a Reminder app to note down those important tasks that you may forget.

These applications vary in their nature – some are made to fulfil a simple purpose and they serve a reminder when necessary, whereas other reminder apps have a ton of different features you can use.

Whether you’re just looking to create reminders for essential tasks or you want a fully fledged task management service, we’re going to look at some of the best options.

Google Keep, Tasks & Calendar – Best for heavy Google users

Although it doesn’t seem like it to many Android users, sticking with Google’s infrastructure may actually be the best choice for you.

The truth is that Google are still a long way away from making the best list-making app, but when you consider all of the other apps within Google it kinda makes sense to use their options, even though it may seen confusing at first.

Most people use Google Calendar already – the notification system is relatively simple and efficient. You have a few options for displaying notifications on your phone and having reminders pop up when it’s something important.

And, you can use Google Keep to add things like your shopping notes if you go shopping, and you can use it to write down text, lists, photos, audio notes too.

Then, you can use Tasks to structure what you’re planning to do each day – it’s a solid day planning app. Or, just use it to organise your daily work using voice commands.

One of the good things about using Google Reminder apps is that when you may a note of things using Google Assistant, it can save to multiple apps at the same. So although they seem separate, they are linked to each other in a strange way.

When you consider everything else that Google has – like Google Docs, Google Maps, Google Assistant and more, it really makes sense for Android users to try and get used to using it.

However if you’re adamant you want to switch, there are some other alternatives.

Calendar Notify – The Simplest Reminder app

Calendar Notify is a well-known and well-designed reminder app.

This is compatible with the Google calendar, and syncing the two together is pretty straightforward – something that’s super important for Android users.

One of the good things about this app is the widgets you can use. The widget displays a brief overview of your schedules with content that’s easy to find.

Aside from widgets, there’s an extensive customisation option. You can also add reminders to calendar activities and send notifications as needed.

The advantages of adding widgets to the homepage and notifications make this reminder app a pretty good choice.

It’s much simpler than most other reminder apps, but if simplicity is what you’re looking for, this would be the right choice.

Microsoft To-Do list – Ideal for use with Windows devices

Free Microsoft Todo is a Microsoft app that helps you to make lists of your tasks faster. This application runs across all Windows devices.

Some features include collaboration features that allow for easy sharing of work with family, friends or colleagues. You also get reminder reminders, recurring tasks and other granular options such as note and subtask.

If you’re a Windows user as well as an Android user, it is probably going to be the best app to use for reminder purposes.

It is easily accessible to Windows laptops and PCs, and it’s also available to use cross platform. Because of this, it’s the perfect choice for anyone on a budget who also uses Windows on a regular basis. – Switching between iOS and Android devices

Any.Do is one of the most widely used reminder apps for both iOS and Android phones.

The biggest advantage of Any.Do is its cross-platform compatibility, which means that a user can switch from iOS to Android very easily. If you’ve just bought a new Android device, this could prove useful to use both apps in tandem.

You can easily create todo lists in the app with a date added. It also supports geolocating tags to provide a gentle reminder every time you’re near a location on your list.

The app is another simple to do list app where you can create reminders, and it’s easy to integrate with WhatsApp too if you use that for messaging.

Bear in mind that if you want to use this app to its full potential, you’re probably going to want to download the premium version, as the free version doesn’t allow for reminders.

TickTick – Best for collaboration

TickTick offers a solid tool to manage a to-do list application with location reminders and the easy ability to add widgets to your home screen.

Where TickTick stands out is that you can easily use it to collaborate with others on your tasks and to do lists.

The application can be accessed and used by companies, teams, and organizations of every type, and can be used as a way of tracking and completing work tasks easily – it’s good for work, but can also be use for your personal life too.

TickTick provides the ability to handle the entire project development process and manage your task reminders easily.

Todoist – Google Chrome integration

Though it’s at the bottom of our list, there are some that would say Todoist is one of the best reminder apps for Android devices.

And, it’s hard to argue – the app has an intuitive interface that makes it really easy to use, and even easier to know how many tasks you have to complete.

As with any good note taking app, you can use it to set personal reminders, assign tasks and more.

When you add in that you can sync the app with Google Chrome, and the paid version has various different third party app integrations, it may be worth checking out.

Common Questions about Reminder Apps

Does Android have a reminder app?

It’s easy to set reminders for Android using the in-built Google Calendar, but of course you can check the Google Play Store if you want to download a Reminder app to help. Google Calendar helps schedule reminders for meetings, and you can use it with Google Keep as this can help remind you of important things that need tobe kept securely.

What is the simplest reminder app?

The simplest reminder app is Calendar Notify. It may seem rather bare-bones, but this is exactly how it is built to be – the simplest way to structure your day. The app keeps things simple and keeps the main objective of a reminder app at its forefront in mind – to help you remember everything quickly.

Does Google have a reminder app?

Google is integrating a lot of their different apps together, which includes their Google Tasks app as their primary focus, with Google Keep, Google Assistant and Google Calendar all giving similar experiences.

How do I keep reminders on my Android phone?

The easiest way for you to do this is to use the Google Tasks function in your calendar app. If you don’t like the Reminder apps that Google has, you can download good reminder apps for Android devices from the Play Store.


Many of us are increasingly struggling to balance our work, life and relationships.

One of the best ways that you can do this is to download a Reminder app on your device – we’ve included free as well as paid options that can help you increase your productivity and reduce headaches.

When so many things happen in our daily lives, we may need reminders about what we will do in the future.

And if you are unable to remember everything – you’re not alone, and a good reminder app for Android could resolve this for you.

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