Best app for driving theory test UK

When it comes to obtaining your full driving license in the United Kingdom, most people shift 90% of their focus on to the practical side of driving a car and neglect the theory behind it.

Ultimately, you need to pass a theory test before you can take your practical test, so it’s vital that you get your knowledge locked down before you even think about booking a practical test.

In this article, we are going to look at the best three driving theory test apps out there and provide you with a bit of key information about each one to help you decide which one to download. Let’s get into it.

Best app for driving theory test – Ranked

2022 Driving Theory Test

The aptly named ‘2022 Driving Theory Test‘ is the most popular free driving theory test app on the market today and for good reason.

It is licensed by the DVSA, the people who are responsible for the driving theory test questions in the United Kingdom, meaning that all the content on the app is extremely similar to what you can expect to appear on your real test.

Additionally, the app boasts that 98.8% of its users pass their theory test on their first attempt.

When you first open up the app you are asked to input when you’re planning on taking your theory test so the content can be geared towards your expected level of knowledge.

After this, you then have to select which type of vehicle you are learning to drive in – either a PCV, LGV, car or bike.

Once you’ve done this you are then free to explore everything that the app has to offer, and that’s a lot.

On the apps home screen you are able to take mock exams (theory and hazard perception), revise road signs and read the highway code.

Select any of these options and get started right away. Unfortunately, in order to practice your knowledge before taking a mock exams you will have to pay £4.99 a month.

However, if it helps you to avoid paying for theory test after theory test then it’s well worth paying.

After all, if you pass first time then you can unsubscribe straight away and it will only cost you a one off payment of £4.99 a month.

The app also provides users with some great bits of automobile information. Select the play button on the bottom menu bar to bring up a selection of videos which provide information on things like ‘how to choose the correct fuel’ to ‘how to check tyre pressure’.

Selecting the tick button on the bottom menu bar will bring up a young driver emergency checklist.

This list provides users with information on what to do in emergency situations such as if you have a collision or if you break down on a motorway.

If you want to run through genuine theory test questions with a mock test, this is definitely going to be the right choice.

You’ll run through the Highway Code, an array of hazard perception clips and a road sign section that will help you get to grips with the different signs you’ll find on the highway.

Overall, it’s the best theory test app you’ll find online.

Driving Theory 2022

Next up is an app with an incredibly similar name to the first app we discussed, however with slightly different features.

This app offers users the ability to practice both theory and hazard perception and take practice exams.

The app can be used free of charge but does offer a premium service for £2.99 a month which grants users access to their ‘express mode’.

This mode provides users with statistics on their progress and also throws up more difficult questions more often in order to give users the best prep possible.

When you open up the app you are able to select either tests, topics or exam.

The tests sections offers users the ability to open up 37 different sets of 20 questions for you to work through, the topics section allows you to hone in on any particular areas of driving theory that you need to work on.

And, the exam section lets you take mock theory tests, as well as work through 27 different hazard perception videos – worth doing before you book your official DVSA theory test.

A couple of cool features on this app, which make learning the driving theory a more fun experience, can be found via the exam tab. The two features in question are called ‘marathon’ and ‘non-stop’.

Marathon is a challenging feature which provides users with an unlimited amount of theory questions, all timed at 35 seconds each and the ‘game’ ends when you get one wrong.

The aim is to keep beating your high score, making learning your theory test seem like a game – this type of practice test can make the learning experience a little more fun.

Non-stop is similar, except there are no time or mistake limits meaning that you can just keep going for as long as you can motivate yourself.

Driving Theory Test Car UK

Another uninspiring name but another driving theory app which does the job perfectly well. This is also the only app we’ve discussed in this article that doesn’t charge its users anything for any of its features.

The app focuses solely on the theory side of things, but does offer users the opportunity to download their hazard perception app from the homepage.

When you open up the app, you are able to select questions from a variety of driving theory areas, including alertness, attitude, safety, motorways rules and many, many more.

Once you’ve selected which area you want to focus on, you are asked a set of questions which tell you the correct answer instantly after you’ve selected your answer.

If you get it wrong, the app will explain why you’ve got it wrong so you can learn on the go.

The other two main sections on the app are the exam section and the success section. The exam section does exactly what it says on the tin – provides users with mock exams.

The success section is a way for users to keep track on their progress while using the app, providing them with trophies for every achievement they make.

Common Questions about your Theory Test

What type of questions are asked in theory test?

The questions asked in the official DVSA theory test will be very similar to those asked in a practice test. These are 50 random questions taken from a collection of thousands, so there’s no way of knowing which questions you’ll get in your actual exam.

How can I pass my theory test easily?

Spend a few months of doing timed mock tests with multiple choice questions before you take your test to avoid failing when it comes to the real thing.

How hard is it to pass theory test?

A lot of the questions asked in your test will be common sense, though for driving test success it’s always best to spend plenty of time studying beforehand. This is why it’s worth running through all of the practice theory questions in the months leading up to your actual test.

Do the same questions come up in theory test?

There’s a possibility that you may get a few questions that seem familiar when taking your test. This is because they are randomly taken from a large bank of questions, so it’s really luck of the draw.


All in all, it’s fair to say that most driving theory tests are largely the same in the sense that they provide users with the ability to practice their theory, watch hazard perception videos and take mock tests.

You can check out others that didn’t quite make the list too (check out our Testi app review for an alternative).

While there has always been help available when it comes to revising for your driving theory test via websites and books, it’s arguably never been more accessible than it is now thanks to mobile phone apps.

We would recommend downloading, and paying, for the 2022 Driving Theory Test app due to the fact its officially licensed by the DVSA meaning that you are essentially getting help from the people who write the test you’ll be taking.

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