Testi app review – Get your driving test faster

The Testi app is an app for a very specific group of people; those who are ready to take their driving test in the United Kingdom. It’s not a theory test app – instead it focuses on helping you to book an earlier test.

Finding test dates can be tough, so it could make sense to use an app like this instead, as it’ll do everything for you – here’s how I got on testing it out.

Testi app review – Initial thoughts

First things first, I like that the app is very clear on what its aims are – to get users an earlier driving test than the one they booked through the DVSA website. Driving test cancellations are relatively common, so helping users get an earlier test date can save a lot of time waiting.

At the best of times, you have to wait weeks for an available time and date for your driving test. In recent months, these times have gone through the roof with some people now having to book tests six months in advance.

This will either put people off even bothering to learn how to drive or result in a very pricey learning experience dragged out over many months. Neither are an ideal situation if you want your test date as soon as possible.

The app helps to prevent its users from being stung by these excessive wait times by notifying users the minute a test gets cancelled, allowing them to step in and take that time slot.

Of course, it is worth pointing out you are able to do this via the DVSA website. However, it takes much longer and requires you to keep checking regularly, whereas through Testi the app does all the hard work for you.

The app is available on iOS and Android devices and is free to download. There is no sign up process involved, all you need is your DVSA login information or your driving license and test number.

There is also a premium upgrade to the app which provides users with additional features, which we look at later on in this article.


  • Provides users with the ability to re-book their driving test to an earlier date.
  • Free version of the app gives you access to the same dates/times as the premium version.
  • No sign up hassle, you just need your driving license number and test number.


  • The best features, including instant notifications, are only available to premium users.
  • No incentive to keep the app once you’ve passed your test – perhaps it could expand to offer further services to drivers.
  • There’s only a small window of opportunity to snap up cancelled tests.

As mentioned above, there are two versions of the app; Premium and Free. Let’s take a look at how the two compare to one and other and discuss the features that are only available to premium users.

Free v Premium

Although the free version of the app does give you the same access to to the available tests within your area, the Premium version does help to boost your chances of snapping up one of these available tests.

Once you’ve booked a test on the DVSA website and downloaded Testi, you will be given the choice of whether you want to stick with the free version or upgrade your account. Here’s why we believe you should go premium.

Automated checks

If you use the free version of Testi, or just use the DVSA website to search for earlier tests for that matter, then you have to take time out of your day and/or set reminders to do so to manually search for any available tests nearby.

With the premium service that Testi offers, they will regularly run automated checks for you at your designated test centres to find you an available test that is earlier than the test you have booked.

This increases the likelihood of your managing to snag a cancellation and get up and running as a fully fledged driver sooner.

Instant notifications

Another bonus with the premium version of Testi is that your phone will instantly notify you when a test slot becomes available at one of your designated test centres.


Again, with the free version you have to just search and hope that you strike lucky that you are searching shortly after someone has cancelled their booking.

However, the premium version will notify you straight away giving you an increased chance of being successful in the already-small window of opportunity.

Access to more test centres

If you live in an area where there are multiple test centres nearby then the premium version of Testi is even more appealing.

This is because premium users are available to select up to three additional test centres that they would like to receive test updates from.


Add this to the the fact that you will be getting automatic searches and instant notifications and it’s clear to see how each feature compliments one and other in the search for finding an earlier driving test.

Support on further devices

The final premium feature that we need to talk about is the fact that it gives user support on up to five devices per driving license.

This means that you can sign up to receive notifications on your phone, laptop and tablet to ensure that you’ll never miss a notification – whether you’re at work on your laptop or scrolling through your phone while on the bus.

Unfortunately, each device is linked to your driving license meaning that this isn’t a way to try and share the costs with another user.

The free version is essentially just the DVSA website

After looking at the premium version of the app alongside the free one, it soon became apparent that the free version of Testi really doesn’t offer much more than the DVSA website.

You still have to manually search for tests yourself, you don’t get notifications when slots become available and you can only search one test centre at a time.

Therefore, if you are going to get Testi then we would definitely recommend the premium version of the app. Testi are currently running a 20% discount on premium too, so make sure to sign up while this offer is active.

Common questions about Testi

What happens if I fail the test I re-booked through Testi?

If this happens, then first of all – don’t worry. You can retake your test as many times as you want until you pass and the majority of people don’t pass straight away! Second of all, if you want to use Testi to re-book your test then you can follow a link on the app’s home page which takes you to the DVSA’s booking page. Once you’ve booked your new test then carry on using Testi as you did before and re-book once the app alerts you to any openings.

Do I lose my premium account if I fail my test?

Thankfully, your premium account is linked to your driving license number rather than your test number. So, once you’ve re-booked your new test simply log out of Testi and then log in with your new test number and you should still have access to all the premium services as before.

My selected test keeps disappearing after I click on it, why?

When you get given a list of available tests, you have to be quick to click on one of them because the competition is so high meaning that there is only a small window of opportunity. If you click on a test and it disappears it’s likely because someone has beaten you to it. Another reason might be because your selected date is too close your previously failed test – the law states that you need to wait at least ten days between driving tests in the UK.

Can you use Testi if your test is on hold?

If your test is on hold due to Covid, or for anyone other reason, then you can still use Testi. Just use the app as you normally would to find an earlier test and your ‘on hold’ test will be cancelled.

Does Testi know about cancellations before the DVSA?

No, all of Testi’s information comes directly from the DVSA so you don’t get any advantage in that sense by using the app. However, you are likely to find tests quicker by using the app so that’s where the advantage lies.


The Testi app is an interesting one because it is so niche and directed at such a relatively small group of individuals. It is definitely a good way to check out driving test cancellations, which usually isn’t that easy to do manually – it can be a great way to get closer test dates and skip to queue.

I would urge anyone who has a driving test booked, or anyone approaching that stage, to download the app because it can help you skip the queue and get a test earlier than typically would.

As mentioned earlier, I would also urge you to sign up for the premium service as the app has very little advantages over the normal DVSA site otherwise. Getting an earlier test date can save you a lot of time, so if you want your licence ASAP, Testi can help.

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