Who messages first on Hinge?

Hinge is one of the most popular dating apps when it comes to finding a long term relationship online. Unlike other platforms like Tinder, it’s more focussed around those looking for a serious relationship as opposed to a one night stand.

One of the good things about Hinge is that it’s very easy to start a conversation with someone that you like. Though, it does work in a different way than other online dating apps.

Who sends messages first on hinge?

Hinge provides two ways that users can initiate conversations. If you like a person’s profile picture, or you decide to comment on his or her photo, then you’re essentially making the first move.

The Hinge algorithm works by showing you users in your Standouts feed that are already a match for you based on your common interests.

So, your success rate should be higher than if random men or women were to appear in your feed.

Once you like or comment on someone’s photo, they then have the option to start a conversation with you. Their invite to chat feature means that the first messages are sent after you’ve like their profile – it isn’t actually gender based.

However, the reality is that most girls are busy receiving likes and comments from men, whilst most guys are busy liking and commenting on the profile of women that they like.

So, in most scenarios, the women message first on Hinge – this isn’t always the case, but it’s just a result of how Hinge matches are designed. Liking someone’s photo is a subtle way of showing you’re interest.

Another option that you should use when you want to start chatting is to send a rose to the dating profile of this user. This is a step up from simply commenting on their pictures, as it shows real intent.

You only get one rose per week, so make sure to save this for your dream guy or girl’s profile – otherwise, you’ll need to buy more roses.

What do you text first on Hinge?

After you start a conversation on Hinge, it can be difficult to know what to talk about. Heck, even sending that first message on Hinge can be tough.

It’s usually best to talk about something related to their photo or your comment, and then try to find some common interests between you and them. There are plenty of different conversation starters you can use on Hinge.

The opposite is true, of course. If she likes something on the profiles, she will quickly contact you. Hinge added standout feeds which allow people to communicate among themselves via text messaging.

The best way to start a Hinge conversation?

The key to choosing the best Hinge Conversation starter for men as well as ladies is to keep things in mind. The results show lower attention spans among men.

It is also not a good idea to send long, lengthy and boring sentences – you can come across as pretentious. The shorter the response, the greater the chances you have of getting a response.

Being realistic, most girls on Hinge are messaging with several other users, and vice versa. So, keeping it short and sweet makes sense.

Women also enjoy sharing their interests, passions, and past experience on the platform too, so talking about them is something that no girl will refuse.

For guys, you can also ask them about things that happen in their real life – use the Hinge prompts to get an idea of what to say.

The one rule of online dating is: Never tell someone about your former boyfriend, girlfriend or partner.

This is a cardinal sin, and a surefire way to kill the conversation and kill your love life at the same time.

My conversation is dwindling, what should I do?

Although most users love talking about themselves, sometimes conversations can get stale. Starting off with the best Hinge openers can sometimes lead to the conversation going downhill afterwards.

This is pretty normal – if we don’t have energy, it’s impossible to keep conversations alive. Your match will not have an interest in you unless you can keep this momentum.

A few moments of creative thinking can change the boring conversation into an interesting one, but you need to be smart – and above all, be interesting! This isn’t a job interview, so talk about things that are actually fun.

But, don’t force it. If the conversation does start to die then don’t worry, as there are plenty more matches and more dates out there waiting for you.

How long should you wait before messaging on Hinge?

Although you may not think it, double-text messaging actually increases the likelihood that a person replies. However, there is often a bit of a delay before getting a reply via Hinge.

The truth is that if you want to have a conversation on Hinge, it doesn’t matter too much how long you wait to reply. Women prefer honesty, while their male counterparts are happy to chat with pretty much anyone, so sending a message first shouldn’t be an issue.

If you want to avoid coming across as an eager beaver, give it a day or two before you message them back. Then, hit them with your best Hinge opening lines to make sure you beat out any other new matches.


In conclusion, Hinge conversations work in a pretty simple way. It’s possible to send messages after you’ved liked an individual’s profile – this is instead of just swiping on each other like how Tinder works.

Your comment will increase the chances of receiving a positive response and inviting you to chat – avoid commenting on a mass of photos, as this may come across as a little eager.

Once this is done, you can start privately messaging each other and sending videos or photos too. Just make sure the initial message is good, otherwise you may have to move onto the next one.

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