Best opening lines on Hinge – How to Get a Response

The first message that you send to your future husband or wife should be romantic as heck. Right? Well, not always.

What works for one won’t work for another, and there’s a of importance placed on the opening message that you send to your Hinge match.

It’s hard to keep everyone satisfied. So, to play it safe, it may be worth starting your conversation by using standard clever or fun opening lines on hinges which attract your match’s attention.

What are the Best Hinge Openers to Guarantee a Response – Eight Different Methods

The first message is crucial. That opening line will be remember forever, so it’s important to make it perfect.

Here’s a couple of the best conversation starters you can use on apps like Hinge, or even another dating site if you so wish.

Send a cheesy opener that’s guaranteed to get a reply

Best for: Goofy Girls and Comic Book Nerds | Example: “I would say hey, but hey is for horses”

Using cheesy pickup lines is an art. They require some effort, especially if you can find something unique that no-one else on the platform is using.

Try not to go with something super common, as they’ll probably have heard it five times that week already. Something like “Did you just come out of the oven? Because baby, you’re hot” can work well.

Just remember that cheesy pick up lines don’t always work, and there’s a chance that they may not reply. Dad jokes can work too, but it needs to be the right person.

This is why it’s important to be smart when you reach out and determine the right sort of message for the girl.

Ask them how their weekend went

Best for: Party girls | Example: “Did I see you in Rev’s this weekend? Oh my bad, must’ve been Rihanna/Zendaya/Insert any hot celeb they look even a tiny bit like”

If you’re trying to snag a date with someone that loves a night out on the town, you’d better be prepared. They’re probably going to be a handful, but hey.. who doesn’t love a good handful?

Asking them how their weekend went shows that you’re interested, isn’t too intrusive and generally yields good results.

Mention your common link

Best for: Local girls | Example: “I love mini golf too”

It’s important for you and your potential match to have something in common,

Bringing up common interests is a great way to let the other person know that you’re also interested in the same things, which bodes well for any potential date.

Chat about their pictures

Best for: Amateur photographers, narcissists | Example: “Where are you in that photo? Looks familiar”

Okay, here’s the logic – they wouldn’t have uploaded those pictures if they were uncomfortable talking about them, so they’re a pretty safe bet. Bonus points if you have something in common with the pictures too.

If they have a pet, mention him/her

Best for: Animal lovers, furries | Example: “Is that a Labradoodle I see in your 4th pic?”

Anyone that has their cute dog in any of their pictures is going to be obsessed with talking about their dog – they’re practically begging you to ask about them.

You can’t really go wrong with this one, as there’s very minimal ways that you could offend them. Unless the “animal” in their pic is actually their best mate.. then, you’re in trouble.

Ask about their profession

Best for: Self confessed workaholics, anyone wearing a suit in their profile pic | Example: “Do you enjoy working at ___?”

Whenever someone says work and career in their bio, it’s a good idea to ask about it. It’s an indication that they probably don’t hate their job, which is more than a lot of people can say.

If the person is passionate about career work, you’re probably going to be expecting some engaging discussions. Just make sure that they actually enjoy their job, otherwise you’re going to be in for a bumpy ride.

Ask about special memories

Best for: Anyone over the age of 30 | Example: “Do you have memories? Wow no way, me too!”

This is a good way to get an idea of how mature someone is too. If their special memory is from their childhood, teenage years or something important, this is a good sign.

But, if their special memory is from that time they got drunk at Keira’s house and wet the bed, she’s probably too young for you bro.

Talk about movies, celebrities and common topics

Best for: When you have no idea what else to say | Example: “Did you watch Love Island last night? OMG”

If you’re still not sure what to ask about, then mentioning what’s currently trending or talking about their favourite movies is a good idea.

You can usually tell what they’re into by their bio – if they have a Fiat 500 in their profile pic, then bring up Love Island.


Hinge helps you connect quickly and efficiently with the woman or man of your dreams – it’s up to you to convince them that you’re the right one for them.

First impressions are everything. And if they’re bad, you can always block them before they match you.

To do this, you don’t need to be Prince Charming. And, you don’t need to be William Shakespeare with a pen either. Keeping things simple can work well, especially if you’re struggling to find an opener.

Making sure that they open and reply to your message is the most important thing – this is essentially relying on clickbait principle, however it’s up to you to deliver after they’ve replied, and for that you’re alone.

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