Where to Catch Squirtle in Pokémon GO: A Guide for Trainers

Pokémon GO continues to captivate players around the globe. Among the various Pokémon available in the game, Squirtle, the adorable Water-type Pokémon, remains a fan favorite.

Catching Squirtle can be a delightful experience, provided you know the right strategies and locations.

This guide will delve into the various aspects of finding and catching Squirtle, ensuring you add this beloved Pokémon to your collection.

Understanding Squirtle’s Habitat

Key Locations to Explore

Squirtle, like many Water-type Pokémon, is predominantly found near water bodies.

Places such as lakes, rivers, beaches, and even public pools can be hotspots for finding Squirtle.

It’s important to explore these areas, especially during clear or rainy weather conditions, which increase the spawn rate of Water-type Pok√©mon.

Utilizing In-Game Events

Niantic frequently hosts events that increase the spawn rate of certain Pokémon, including Squirtle.

Keeping an eye on Pok√©mon GO’s event calendar can be beneficial. Events like Community Days or Water Festival can significantly boost your chances of encountering Squirtle.

Using In-Game Tools and Items

Lure Modules and Incense

Using Lure Modules at PokéStops near water bodies or Incense while moving around can attract more Pokémon, including Squirtle.

These items are particularly effective during events or in areas with a high concentration of PokéStops.

Tracking Nearby Pokémon

The game’s ‘Nearby’ feature allows you to see which Pok√©mon are around your current location.

If Squirtle appears in this list, the game will indicate the nearest Pok√©Stop where it’s located. This feature is invaluable for pinpointing Squirtle’s exact location.

Joining Local Pokémon GO Communities

Leveraging Social Media and Apps

Joining local Pokémon GO groups on platforms like Facebook, Reddit, or Discord can be extremely helpful.

Fellow trainers often share sightings of rare Pokémon, including Squirtle.

These communities can also organize meet-ups or raids, increasing your chances of catching Squirtle.

Participating in Raids and Gym Battles

Squirtle can sometimes be found in Raids, particularly during certain events. Participating in these Raids, especially with a group, can be an effective way to catch Squirtle.

Additionally, controlling Gyms might attract more Pokémon to the area, including the sought-after Squirtle.

Catching and Evolving Squirtle

Mastering the Art of Catching

Catching Squirtle can be challenging due to its mobility. Using Razz Berries to make it easier to catch and aiming for Great or Excellent throws can increase your success rate.

Remember to stock up on Poké Balls to ensure you don’t miss the opportunity when it arises.

Evolving Your Squirtle

Once caught, Squirtle can be evolved into Wartortle and then into Blastoise using Candies.

Participating in events can offer additional opportunities to earn more Squirtle Candies.


Catching Squirtle in Pokémon GO is an enjoyable experience that requires a mix of strategy, timing, and a bit of luck.

By exploring the right locations, utilizing in-game items, participating in community activities, and mastering the catching techniques, you can significantly increase your chances of adding Squirtle to your collection.

Remember, the key to success in Pokémon GO is persistence and engagement with the game’s community and events.

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