How to Mute Pokemon Go: A Comprehensive Guide

In the world of mobile gaming, “Pokemon Go” has emerged as a cultural phenomenon, captivating players of all ages with its unique blend of augmented reality and the beloved Pokemon franchise.

While the game’s sounds and music contribute to its immersive experience, there are times when players may prefer to play silently.

Whether you’re trying to conserve battery, minimize distractions, or simply enjoy a quieter gaming session, knowing how to mute “Pokemon Go” can enhance your gameplay experience.

This article provides a detailed guide on muting the game, ensuring you can enjoy your Pokemon adventure on your terms.

How to Mute Pokemon Go

Muting “Pokemon Go” is a straightforward process, but it’s important to understand the different sound options available within the game.

“Pokemon Go” features several types of audio, including music, sound effects, and vibrations, each contributing to the overall experience of the game.

We’ll walk you through the steps to manage these settings individually, allowing you to customize your auditory experience.

Accessing the Settings Menu

To begin, open “Pokemon Go” on your device. Once the game has loaded, tap on the Poke Ball icon at the bottom of the screen to access the main menu.

From here, select ‘Settings’ in the top right corner. This will open the game’s settings menu, where you can adjust various aspects of your gameplay experience.

Muting the Music

In the settings menu, you’ll find the option to mute the music. By toggling off the ‘Music’ option, you can disable the game’s background music while retaining other sound effects and vibrations.

This is ideal for players who enjoy the game’s auditory cues but prefer not to have the music playing continuously.

Disabling Sound Effects

If you wish to mute all auditory cues, including the sound effects, simply toggle off the ‘Sound Effects’ option in the settings menu.

This will silence all game sounds, such as the noises made by Pokemon and PokeStops, providing a completely silent gameplay experience.

Managing Vibrations

“Pokemon Go” also offers a vibration feature, which alerts players to nearby Pokemon and PokeStops.

If you prefer to play without these alerts, you can disable the vibrations by toggling off the ‘Vibration’ option in the settings menu.

This is particularly useful in situations where you need to be discreet, such as meetings or quiet public places.

Advanced Tips for Silent Gameplay

While the in-game settings are the primary method for muting “Pokemon Go,” there are additional strategies you can employ for a silent gaming experience.

Using Your Device’s Settings

If you’re looking for a quick way to mute the game without adjusting individual settings, you can use your device’s volume controls.

Simply lower or mute the volume on your phone or tablet to silence the game.

This method is effective for temporary situations where you need to quickly eliminate sound.

Utilizing Headphones

Another effective method for silent gameplay is to use headphones or earbuds.

By plugging in headphones, you can ensure that any game sounds are confined to your ears, preventing others around you from being disturbed.

This is particularly useful in public settings where noise can be an issue.

Battery Saver Mode and Silent Gameplay

“Pokemon Go” offers a Battery Saver mode, which can indirectly contribute to a quieter gaming experience.

While this mode doesn’t mute the game, it reduces screen brightness and conserves battery life, allowing you to play for longer periods without the need for sound.


Muting “Pokemon Go” is a simple yet effective way to tailor your gaming experience to your preferences and environment.

Whether you’re looking to conserve battery, reduce distractions, or play in silence, the steps outlined in this guide will help you achieve a muted gameplay experience.

Remember, the key to enjoying “Pokemon Go” is to play in a way that suits your lifestyle, and muting the game can be an integral part of that.

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