Whatsapp is draining my battery – The solution

As one of the most used apps worldwide, it makes sense that Whatsapp would have a ton of people working to minimize the consumption of the app. Even so, it’s still one of the main apps that people complain about draining their battery too fast.

So, what can you do if you’re having battery drain issues with Whatsapp? Here’s what you can do to improve your battery life and make sure that Whatsapp doesn’t drain it.

Whatsapp is draining my battery – Here’s the fix

In short, if you want to stop Whatsapp draining your battery then you can turn off automatically downloading files and background activity, as well as disabling your notifications. You can also consider switching over to Dark Mode, too.

Whatsapp for the most part should be a fairly light app when it comes to battery usage, however there are a few things which can cause the app to use more battery than it should and a few ways to help alleviate the power usage.

What we’re going to go through here is the means in which to help reduce the power usage of Whatsapp and help the battery life of your phone.

Automatically downloading files

One of the processes which Whatsapp has on by default is downloading media files automatically. It does this in the background and can cause the phone to drain it’s battery much quicker than it otherwise would.

Here are the steps to take to turn off automatically downloading media files:

  • Open Whatsapp.
  • Select settings in the bottom right.
  • Select “Storage and Data.”
  • On this menu there is a section called “Media Auto-Download.” Here there are options for Photos, Audio, Video, and Documents. You can manage these by selecting them and setting their Auto-Download setting to “Never,” “Wi-fi,” or “Wi-fi and Cellular.”
  • Turn all of these to never to fully turn off all Automatically downloading files.
  • Done.

Automatically downloading files is an issue because it takes a somewhat significant amount of battery power in running the process and connecting to the servers to download the files that have been sent.

With this fix, depending on the amount of files, you should see a significant improvement.


Notifications are something that can affect your battery life significantly over the day. If you are a part of a lot of groups or just happen to get a lot of notifications across the day then it will be using a lot of battery.

Every notification causing a buzz, lighting up the screen and essentially taking the phone out of sleep mode for a short time.

Obviously, this won’t cause much of a battery drop on its own but if this occurs frequently throughout and entire day then it can drop your battery significantly.

Thankfully we can turn these notifications off and save our battery during the day. I suggest turning the notifications off during the day and turning them back on in the evenings.

Here are the steps to turn off the notifications:

  • Open Whatsapp.
  • Select settings in the bottom right.
  • Select notifications in the menu.
  • Here you can choose to turn off message notifications and group notifications.
  • Done.

A nice feature here is that you can turn off group notifications but keep one to one message notifications.

This is ideal if you are a part of a lot of groups which ping your phone consistently. Remember, one Tick on Whatsapp means it’s sent, and two ticks means it’s delivered!

Dark mode

One way to reduce the battery usage of Whatsapp while you have the app itself open is too have a darker background colour, this reduces the amount of battery needed to light the screen and therefore saves battery.

There’s a couple of ways to do this. First let’s look at doing this within the app…

So, there’s no way of enabling dark mode within the app but you can set a background image for your chats to either a darker image or a strictly black background.

To do this, select settings in the bottom right corner, select “Chats,” and here select “Chat Wallpaper.” Here they have either a wallpaper library you can choose from, a solid colour you can choose from, or you can select an image from you own phone.

Make sure to select a darker image here and this will reduce the battery usage while you have chats open.

Enabling Dark mode itself is done as a setting for your phone in general, so keep in mind that this will be across all apps that it is applicable.

For Iphone:

  • Navigate to the settings app.
  • From here navigate to “Display & Brightness.”
  • Here there are two options at the top of the page, light and dark, select Dark mode to enable.
  • Done.


In conclusion there are a few things you can do to reduce the battery usage of Whatsapp and help your phones overall battery life.

The solutions listed here should noticeably stop Whatsapp draining your battery so you can message your friends, family, and colleagues to your hearts content.

Thankfully this is a rare problem that occurs with Whatsapp and if it is an issue then it is easily dealt with by doing a few setting changes.

We hope this article has helped and you’re Whatsapp battery draining issues have been resolved!

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