Best apps for anonymous texting in the UK

Texting someone from a private number can be useful for a variety of different reasons, whether for business purposes or just for fun.

This is where an anonymous texting app can help – they allow you to send anonymous text messages to other users without them knowing where the message has come from.

So if you’re intent on keeping your privacy, here’s some of the best anonymous texting apps you can find in the Store.

Text Vault

Text Vault is probably the best anonymous texting app for UK users, as most apps are designed with the US and Canada in mind.

The app is designed to give users access to free calling via multiple different phone numbers – you can easily add burner numbers within the app.

You can use the Text Vault app to text your friends, or you can use the different numbers to receive 2FA texts for different accounts.

Text Vault also allows for the ability to hide your text notifications from your phone, as well as a host of other features too.

If you’re looking to message someone anonymously or you’re exploring online dating in secret, it’s a great private texting app to download.

Text Me – Texting & Calls

TextMe is a social messaging application developed for anonymous text messaging, and though it’s generally used in the US, it can also be used for UK users too.

This means you can easily sign up for your own anonymous UK phone number, which will allow you to send SMS and picture messages to other people.

Anonymous text messaging uses virtual telephone numbers for communication. This is great for privacy, as it allows you to keep your personal phone number completely separate.

You’ll also get free voicemail capabilities with the app too, which you don’t get with some other anonymous text messaging apps – it’s worth downloading to see if it’s right for you.

Second Phone Number: UK & US

Another good anonymous texting app that can be used by those in the UK, and the clue is in the name with this one. If you want to avoid using your actual phone number, this is a solid choice.

You can get a local phone number in the UK or a whole host of other countries too – you simply choose which you want to use as your second number.

And actually, you don’t technically even need a phone to do this, as the messaging app will work with a tablet too. So, it’s perfect if you’re looking to make calls from a Samsung Galaxy tab or similar.

Though it’s not much different to other anonymous messaging apps, it works well for setting up new numbers for sending text messages and free phone calls.

Confide App

If you are looking to send messages to someone specific and want to ensure maximum privacy, Confide app is a solid choice for this.

You can send private text messages to other people, with encrypted messages being default in the app. This means secret texting is guaranteed, and you don’t need to worry about your message contents.

Your messages will all vanish after they’ve been read, so if you’re looking for an app with disappearing messages, Confide can work well for this.

As an anonymous message app with end to end encryption, it’s a good choice – the Incognito mode and screenshot prevention features can be useful for user privacy too.

Bottled – Send a message in a bottle

A little different to the other anonymous texting apps that we’ve mention so far, Bottled is a true anonymous text app in the sense that you’ll be sending text messages to complete strangers.

However, the app does have a small community of users that you can text anonymously, and it can be good for making friends without revealing your identity.

You can send both text messages and photos using the app, and there’s even some quiz features integrated into the app too. For a little fun, it could be worth downloading Bottled.


Text messaging is a common means of communication, though sometimes you may have the need to text someone anonymously.

If they already have your number, this can prove difficult as both Android and iPhones have solid contacts list in place.

In the modern day, it is very common for a person to send texts hiding their phone number from others – there’s nothing wrong with wanting a little privacy every now and then.

They can be used for a variety of different things, like businesses sending text messages to their customers to share their offers, secret online dating and much more.

The anonymous texting apps above should be more than enough to ensure that your privacy remains intact.

So, download your favourite secret texting app and you can send messages anonymously ASAP.

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