What does blue check mean on Tinder?

When you’re just starting out of your dating journey, Tinder is an awesome place to start.

It has various features to the app, like the Passport Feature that allows you to change location, or the Secret Admirer Feature that shows you users that like your profile.

Another feature that Tinder has is the ability to get a blue check mark next to your profile icon.

How can I verify my Tinder profile?

A blue checkmark next to someone’s profile icon simply means that they’ve been verified on Tinder.

This helps to let others know that the owner of the account is genuinely who they say they are, and it works to stop people catfishing on Tinder.

The Verification Process

The good news is that it’s actually very easy for you to get verified on Tinder.

You can do this by heading into your profile account, and then looking for a grey tick that appears next to your profile photo.

You can click on this grey tick to bring up a bubble that will confirm that you want to verify your Tinder account.

The app will then use your phone camera to record your face, and then use facial recognition technology to verify you’re real.

If it doesn’t work as planned, it will be send to Tinder’s community team so they can ensure that you’re a genuine user.

All of this is designed to protect Tinder users from scams, as fake accounts are often a problem on a dating app.

Can only celebrities verify their account?

The verification process for Twitter and Instagram has historically been different, with only well known people and celebrities having the ability to verify their account (well, there’s Twitter Blue, but who knows how long that will last).

However, for Tinder the verification process is a little different, and actually anyone can verify their profile and get a blue checkmark next to their name.

Both free users and Tinder members can get the blue tick, which can help greatly when it comes to eliminating fake profiles from Tinder.


Just like the vast majority of other dating apps, Tinder had issues with a fake catfishing profiles being made, as well as bots frequenting the platform.

Tinder offers online security verification when you create profiles, though this doesn’t typically go much further than you having to using your phone number for Tinder.

However, one step further that some users can go to if they want to make sure people know they are genuine is to get their account verified.

This can help to ensure that other users know you’re a genuine person searching for matches on Tinder.

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