Tinder Secret Admirer card – What exactly is it?

You swipe right or left depending on whether you’re interested in the other person.

The basic principles of Tinder are simple, but the additional features they keep adding to the app can end up being confusing, and somehwat difficult to keep up with.

One of these features that has been added is the Secret Admirer card – here’s everything you need to know about it.

Secret Admirer Feature – What is it?

The Secret Admirer feature was added to Tinder to make it a little more interesting for new users.

At random times when you open the Tinder app, you may be greeted with the Secret admirer card deck.

This will give you the option to pick between 4 different cards to try and find your secret admirer e.g. someone that’s already swiped right on your profile.

If you pick the right card, you’ll go through to the next page where you can choose whether you want to like the other person back and form a match.

If you pick the wrong card, then you won’t find your secret admirer, and will then be met with the “Better Luck Next Time, Would You Like to Try Tinder Gold?” message instead.

You will only get the Secret Admirer message if you’re a free user of the Tinder platform.

This is because members of Tinder Gold subscriptions and other Tinder paid users can already see the people that have liked them within their Tinder app.

This is one of the bigger selling points of upgrading your membership to Tinder Plus, Premium or Platinum.

And actually, it’s a good way to Tinder to upsell their premium subscriptions to free users without being too demanding or intrusive.

Are all secret admirer cards the same profile?

On forums and websites like Reddit, there’s an idea that actually the same profile is behind all of the Admirer cards that you have the option of choosing from.

This would mean that it’s pre-determined whether you win or lose the Secret Admirer screen, as the result would be the same no matter what if all cards are the same.

If you close the app whilst picking your match and then re-open it to select another card, it does appear that this is the case.

Though knowing this spoils the game a bit, and most people prefer to just have some fun (sorry about that!).

Secret admirer error – What it means

There are some cases of users picking the Secret Admirer card and then being met with an “error, failed to match” messages immediately.

This likely means that the other users deleted their profile before you got the chance to match them.

So if you have this error occur when you’re using the Tinder platform, it’s usually because their account no longer exists – the one that got away.

How often will the Secret admirer card show?

It’s also wondered how often the Secret Admirer feature will come up when you’re using the Tinder app.

The answer is that the Tinder secret admirer card comes up randomly, so there’s no way of knowing how long it’ll be before you get a new set of cards to choose from.


Tinder has introduced many different features over the years, and one of these is called a Secret Admirers card.

This card randomly displays for the user, and it shows you four different cards to pick from. Your goal is to pick the card of the user that likes you.

If you pick right, you’ll then be given the opportunity to decide whether you want to like them back, or swipe left and keep on scrolling past.

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