How to use passport on Tinder to change location

Tinder has introduced plenty of new features to the app over the past few years, and they have several different subscription plans you can upgrade to.

These upgrades include Swipe Surge, Super Likes and one that some people aren’t familiar with, Tinder Passport.

Here’s everything you need to know about using Tinder Passport to get the most out of the feature.

How Tinder Passport Works

Tinder has been introduced to bring new features to Tinder. What many people were asking for is the ability to change your location, and Tinder Passport gives us an easy way to do that.

Tinder Passport is an advanced feature that lets you change the location that you’re searching for matches in, which can be extremely useful for some users.

For example – say you’re living in the South West of the UK, but you visit London regularly and would like to search for other Tinder users in the area.

Tinder Passport lets you change your location from Plymouth to London, where you’ll be able to find a lot more users, and likely more matches too.

It doesn’t have to be in the same country either – you can switch to a new city, a new country or even a new continent.

How can I get Tinder Passport?

Tinder Passport is an exclusive feature in Tinder program, and it’s actually not available to free users of the platform.

This means you need to sign up to one of Tinder’s premium subscription plans if you want to use Tinder Passport.

You get access to the premium feature with Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold or Tinder Platinum.

As soon as you upgrade, you’ll get the ability to switch to your chosen destination as opposed to your physical location.

How to use tinder passport for free – Possible?

Tinder Passport is only available to those that sign up to a premium plan – there’s no other way around this.

The only option you have is to use a trial period of Tinder Plus, which is a premium version of Tinder – this allows you to use Tinder Passport.

The app has a limited free trial that will allow you to test out those premium functions like Tinder Passport without actually having to cough up any change.

How to turn off Tinder Passports

It’s possible for you to disable or turn off Tinder Passport by simply choosing another city.

Tinder lets you visit multiple places using the Passport, but you can always just go back to your original location by changing it within your settings.

Once you switch location on Tinder, you may still show in the previous location for another day or so before switching permanently to the new location.

Why would you want Tinder Passport?

The ability to change your location to anywhere in the world is pretty sought after by Tinder users for a variety of different reasons.

This includes;

People that live in a remote location where there aren’t many people within your range.

Those that are going off on holiday to a new place and want to make acquaintances with people before they get there.

Students that are away from home that want to get matches in the city that they’re originally from.

These are just a couple of examples why someone may want to meet new people in a location that they aren’t currently in.


Tinder Passport is a premium feature on Tinder that enables you to change your Tinder location. This can be a massive help, especially if you’re not based in an area that has a lot of users within your vicinity.

Thankfully, its main functions are easy enough to understand, and it’s pretty easy to change your location using Tinder Passport for a better experience.

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