Ways People Access Games on a Mobile Device (Apps Are Just One Option)

We know that apps are the main way to turn a mobile device into a place to play games. Applications can totally transform functionality and make phones as powerful as consoles would’ve been a few years ago. Some console games are even remastered as apps now.

Gaming has evolved virtually beyond recognition. It was only 40 years ago when games like PONG were the height of technology, so in the generations since games have become so much more advanced. Even mobile phones are thousands of times more powerful than the tech in early consoles, for example. An app may be hundreds of MB, and game cartridges (yes, we used to use cartridges) held less data in the early 90s than a single MP3 song. Whole games had to be programmed into a fraction of what we have now.

Without going too far down the history rabbit hole of gaming, let’s explore some of the ways people can play now.

Roulette via Browser

Responsive design has meant that browser gaming is possible on mobile devices. People might remember the days of needing a specific version of Flash to play a game, and Android devices were more likely to have this than Apple. HTML5 technology has changed the way a lot of games are made, and many different browser-based games can be accessed directly on a phone.

Roulette is a relatively simple concept for a game, which makes it really easy for companies to recreate the game in a browser. Playing online roulette is possible on a mobile device in multiple ways, including through apps, but browsers remain a simple way to connect and start to play. Casinos offering roulette tend to have a simple interface and a game decided by a random number generator.

Roulette is a very simple game that has been around for centuries now (no exaggeration), and has been through quite a journey from being played on physical wheels around the world to now, more commonly being played on online interfaces and simply programmed games like HTML5 games.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are still the most common way to play. Apple Arcade and the Google Play store are packed with different applications, from card games to word games, to RPGs and adventure games. Mobile application games can be really in-depth and include an element of strategy, and something like Clash of Clans can allow people to immerse themselves in the virtual gaming scene and build their virtual clan over years.


Emulators are included as a form of app, but there is a little bit more to do to set up an emulator. These are made to run old console games, such as retro games from the 90s, and an emulator can effectively turn your phone into one of these old consoles temporarily while people play.

Android phones in particular have a lot of emulators available for people to download which can allow people to play games from old consoles like the PS1, SNES, and many others.

Downloading emulators can provide a huge number of options for gamers as long as they can find the files (often available in .exe format). 

Xbox Remote Play and Game Streaming

Players who have consoles already may be able to connect to them via a remote server, making it possible to play their library of games even while they are on the move.

Xbox has led the way for a long time, and the Xbox Party App has been available to download and access for a number of years, so people can chat with their friends and connect from Android or iOS.

Xbox players can access a lot of different games that are more advanced and in-depth than some other mobile games, and as they rely more on the speed of your connection than your phone’s hard drive, it doesn’t matter that these use many GB of space. This revolutionary way of playing is often seen as the future of playing on mobile.

Messaging Games

Message offers a slightly different option, where people can play directly through the messaging app. Turn-based games like Tic Tac Toe are among the titles available directly within messages. There’s even a version of Pool that people can play in this way.

Messaging games are different in that you will need a contact to play against, unlike games such as casino games where players sign up and can just start playing, there’s a bit more organization and commitment from both parties on messaging games.


We already have so many options for playing games on mobile devices and the choices are set to get even more widespread. PlayStation and other gaming brands continue to work on ways that players can play their console games via mobile and access gaming wherever, but for now, browser and app games are more than enough.

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