How to Add Friends on the Xbox Party App – Windows, Android, iOS & more

The Xbox Party App is available for Windows, Android and iOS, it acts as an adjoining app to the Xbox console that acts as a kind of remote control for the Xbox.

The party app allows access to different features and acts as a games launcher for any PC games you may have installed on your device.

This incorporates games from the Microsoft Store, Steam, Bethesda and Origin to name a few. On the party app, ‘Friends’ are people you want to get updates on your activity feed.

So how do you add friends on the companion app for Xbox?

How to Add Friends on the Xbox Party App

The first thing you’ll need is your Xbox Gamertag. Your Gamertag is a name you use online for Xbox, it is usually a made-up name or something familiar to you – a kind of unique alter ego that people online will know you by, usually used to protect your identity.

To find your Gamertag follow this process:

  1. Turn on your Xbox.
  2. Go to the ‘Home screen.’
  3. In the upper left-hand corner you can find your Gamertag along with your game score.

When adding friends online, you’ll need their gamertag to do this – otherwise, you won’t be able to find their Xbox account.

How do I add friends on the Xbox party app via Windows?

When you add a gamer on the Xbox party app you become solely their follower until they accept your friend request. In total you can have 1000 friends on the app, and that’s the maximum limit for your friend’s list.

You can send your friend an invitation to be your friend on the Xbox Party App using their Gamertag. To add friends on Xbox for Windows you should follow this process:

1) On Windows launch the Xbox Companion app on Windows.
2) On the right-hand side of the screen, type in your friend’s Gamertag using the correct case and spaces required because the tag is case sensitive.
3) Click on the Search Icon (Magnifying glass.)
4) Go to the Gamertag of your friend, this will show all their information.
5) Then click the + icon to add your friends.
6) This will send your friend a request that they will have to accept before you can be mutual contacts.
7) Once they have accepted the request, relaunch the app so it can apply your changes.

How do I add friends vis Android and iOS?

As one of the best features on Xbox, it is essential that you can still add friends using the app on iOS and Android. This gives you the ability to add and manage your friends on the go, wherever you are. You can also choose to stream games and manage your library.

To add friends on your phone or device you can use the following process:

  1. Launch the Xbox app on your device.
  2. Sign in to the Xbox app on your friend’s mobile device.
  3. Select the friend’s icon in the menu at the top.
  4. Type in your friend’s Gamertag into the ‘Find People’ bar.
  5. Select ‘Done’ to search for your friend in the options available.
  6. Go to the Gamertag of your friend, this will show all their information.
  7. Then click the + icon to add your friends.

How do I add friends on Epic Xbox?

Epic Games Launcher/Store is available on Mac or PC and is a video game storefront controlled by Epic Games.

You can buy games and manage the titles you have through the launcher. To add friends on Epic Xbox follow this process:

  1. Open the Epic Games Launcher.
  2. Go to ‘Friends.’
  3. Select the ‘Friends’ icon.
  4. Enter your friends Epic Games name or email address.
  5. In the ‘Add Friend’ box, press ‘Send.’
  6. Your friend will appear in the outgoing section until your request is accepted.
  7. Once your friend accepts the request their name will disappear from the outgoing messages section and you will be able to play with them once they are online at the same time as you.
  8. Repeat the process to add any other friends.


In conclusion, the Xbox app has some really excellent features available for gamers on the go. Now you know how to add friends on your Xbox party App you can get into gaming with your mates, which is one of the most fun parts of technology these days.

We do have another guide if you do find that your Xbox Party chat is not working. With Covid, features like these are an absolute godsend for gamers everywhere, so get adding and enjoy the whole world of gamers just like you.

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