[2024] A Comprehensive Review on Remote Desktop Apps for Android & iOS: Benefits, Tips & Guide

The rise of smartphones has blurred the line between corporate and personal lives, where people are no longer chained to their desks. They can be productive from anywhere, and the mobility challenge has ended with the launch of remote desktop apps. However, there are a growing number of applications in the online market, making it challenging to pick the right one for your unique needs.

That’s why this article lists the best remote desktop softwarethat can help you in the selection journey. Let’s take a look and identify a reliable application for your Android & iOS devices.

Part 1. What are the Advantages of Remote Desktop Apps? Why Should You Care?

The most straightforward words to describe remote desktop apps are that they are remote control tools for connecting users with a specific device remotely. For this purpose, both devices need an active internet connection to establish a remote session and operate host devices like they are in front of you.

If you are confused about terms, let us remind you that the remote or host device allows you to control and use the applications. Meanwhile, the client or local device is one that can control another device from a remote location. Now, it’s time to comprehend why someone might need remote desktop software, so delve straight below:

  1. With the rise of online education, teachers add interactivity in virtual classrooms through remote desktop apps.
  2. IT professionals can use a remote desktop app to provide services without physically relocating.
  3. If you are a business professional, you can connect with your global clients through remote access apps, saving the cost of traveling. 
  4. Individuals who forget important files on their home desktops can access them remotely.

Part 2. 3 Must-Know Android & iOS Remote Desktop Apps of 2024

Finding the perfect remote desktop software for Android and iOS is a time-consuming and hectic task. Therefore, this section covers the top 3 remote desktop apps that will significantly enhance your productivity. With these incredible tools, you can control your workspace no matter where you are, so delve into some of the best options given next.

1. Avica Remote Desktop [Android | iOS]

Avica Remote Desktop is a reliable app specifically designed to elevate performance in remote work setups. To streamline workflow, it can transfer files between your smartphone and Windows or Mac devices. This remote desktop tool provides ultra-low latency connections to experience smooth and responsive remote sessions. Additionally, it is a budget-friendly choice with diverse functionalities that make your remote tasks more efficient.

Avica also allows you to conduct remote sessions without worrying about security concerns because it provides end-to-end AES-256 encryption. Moreover, it offers privacy mode features that add an extra layer of protection in the session and prevent accidental data exposure.

2. Microsoft Remote Desktop [Android | iOS]

Microsoft Remote Desktop is also one of the powerful remote access tools that allows you to connect your Android and iOS devices to a Windows PC through a robust remote session. It can stream multimedia content seamlessly from your remote PC. However, this remote desktop app has a major limitation: you cannot use it to connect your mobile device to a MacBook.

3. TeamViewer Remote Control [Android | iOS]

This remote desktop software provides real-time collaboration with optimized connections for smooth performance, even over low bandwidth connections. Moreover, it offers a secure connection through RSA 2048 key exchange and AES 256-bit session encryption. Users can even transfer files and access other devices remotely, but it has limited features on a free plan, which is unsuitable for professional users.

Part 3. What Makes You Select the Avica Remote Desktop App [Android & iOS]?

Among all options, the Avica remote desktop app is a top pick due to its extensive features and wide range of capabilities. Even a beginner can operate this remote desktop app without troubling their brain. Additionally, it is an affordable solution that provides secure connections with AES-256 encryption to safeguard your data.

Hence, Avica is an intelligent choice for remote sessions on Android and iOS devices. Anyhow, you can go through a step-by-step guide to use Avica and comprehend its simplicity.

  1. Access the Avica Remote Desktop App:  Download and install the Avica remote desktop app from the Play Store (Android), App Store (iOS), or official website on your local and remote devices.
  2. Enter Your Credentials: Sign in to your existing account on remote and local devices, or you can create a new account using Apple, Google, or email.
  3. Toggle to Allow Remote Connection: From the remote device, toggle the Allow Remote Access to This Device Via Your Credentials and copy the Avica ID and Password.
  4. Type Avica ID: Insert the Avica ID on the local device and hit the Connect button to get a confirmation pop-up.
  5. Insert Password to Connect:  Type the Password you’ve copied from the remote device and press the Connect button again to enter the remote session.


Ultimately, remote desktop apps are becoming popular due to the increase in remote workspaces. For this reason, you might need a suitable remote desktop tool that helps you to streamline your workflow.

Therefore, we have listed the top 3 remote desktop apps and elaborated on a top-tier application in this niche. Undoubtedly, that top-tier application is the Avica remote desktop app that comes on Android and iOS devices with a diverse range of possibilities.

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