Top Time Management Apps to Download Now

Time management is a skill that not everyone can master. It’s not easy to organise your work day, especially with the crossover between work, our personal life and social media. If you don’t plan things out beforehand, you can end up wasting valuable time.

So, we took a look at some of the best time management apps you can download to help you stay focused and track time spent accurately.

Focus Keeper

Focus Keeper is built on the principles of the Pomodoro technique. You work in twenty-five minute increments, with a five minute reward break at the end of every sprint.

The app features simple and efficient task management, and it has an easy to use user interface which makes customization extremely easy.

Focus Keeper will help to improve your concentration the more that you use it, which can be extremely effectively in reducing the risk of burnout.

There’s a wide array of different customization options in Focus Keeper. This includes adapting the length of sessions to your own preference, using reminders to let you know when time’s up and much more.

It’s worth checking out if you’re looking to get more work done.


Effective time management means knowing how much time to spend on each project, and this is exactly where an app like Toggl can help.

It’s extremely simple but it works very well for time tracking – Toggl does this easily with a simple interface, and you can have a simple timesheet set up that will allow you to track time effectively within just a few clicks.

Toggl provides a great time saving feature with daily, weekly and monthly reporting based on your performance. It has an intuitive interface, making it one of the most effective time management apps you can download.

It is also a calendar view with in-built pomodoro capabilities that allow you to create tasks, track work hours and most importantly, prioritize tasks based on what you need to get done.

Loop – Habit Tracker

Loop is Android app that’s made to help you improve your habits – no matter how good they are, there’s a likelihood you can always do that little bit better.

Though the app design is basic, the actual scoring and statistics behind Loop isn’t – they allow you to know where you can tweak and change things to get more done. You can also observe how habits improve with time.

The app is completely ads-free, and you don’t need to worry about countless notifications distracting you from getting work done. The app allows for more than just a daily schedule, as you can easily set up bi-daily or more in-depth habits as you perform them.

Loop helps you maximize your time, with the long term goal of helping you to accomplish long-term objectives quicker than before.

Nimbus Note

Nimbus Note is a note editor, and if you’re looking for one platform to manage all your notes and to do lists, it may be the best choice.

You can easily create and share your notes with colleagues and friends using the group collaboration feature – you can also organize notes and add tags to separate them from each other.

Nimbus Note provides you with the ability to store more than just text – you can also store audio, video and image files in your Nimbus Note too. You can then use your notes to create to do lists based on what has the highest priority.

It’s quite a complete app for a simple note app, also giving the ability for you to scan a variety of documents, including card and photo images. It’s a handy note taking app worth checking out if you make a lot of notes.

Mind42 – online mind mapping software

Though technically not an app, Mind42 is a free desktop mapping software that’s one of the simplest mind map creators online. If you’re looking for simplicity this may be the best option.

Though simple, Mind42 offers collaboration and visualization tools that allow you to brainstorm with others about the future. You can organize tasks, but it’s best used to plan out the structure of a plan.

Besides generating ideas in the form of a diagram, you can also use the app to quickly note down things to remember – it’s collaborative, so others can easily log in and see what you’ve added.

Though not really an app, many people find Mind42 great for both business and personal projects – the Chrome extension makes things a lot easier too.


A good time management app can help to increase productivity and allow you to maximise your output from the the hours you put in.

It’s an effective tool to help you complete your projects quickly, leaving more room for quality time with friends and family. You can also combine it with a habit app to maximise your workflow.

They can help to reduce procrastination, increase your motivation and move of all, allow you to increase your output with as little time as possible.

Hopefully, our list of time management apps can help you determine which one may be good for your daily routine.

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