Best Habit Apps to Track your Behaviour

When you have a busy life with lots of responsibilities, it can be difficult to keep track of your daily tasks or ‘habits’. There are many tasks that can be long-term, and take time to accomplish; or habits that you wish to break (which also take time to do).

A habit-tracking app can help you monitor and organise your tasks, and motivate you to complete them and achieve your goals.

Best Habit app – Our favourite options

There are quite a few habit-tracking apps available, most of which cost money to use fully. Most habit apps are free to use in some capacity, so you don’t have to worry about having to pay up-front.

You can start applying healthy habits to your morning routine without having to use a paid app – we look at a couple of paid options, but also some free habit apps too. We’ll go through four of the best habit-tracking apps in this article.

#4 – Habitica

Price: $4.99 per month, or $14.99 every three months, or $29.99 every six months, or $47.99 per year.

Habitica is free to download and use, but there are in-app purchases and monthly plans you can subscribe to.

The main features of the app are free to use, so the payments are completely optional, and not needed in order to actually use the habit tracker.


Habitica bases its UI and functionality on a traditional pixel RPG. The app makes habit tracking a video game, which is ideal for gamers who enjoy the RPG genre.

It can also help motivate users to regularly use the app, as the video game format makes habit tracking fun to do. It also gives the app more purpose, as there are in-game items to gain as well as real-life goals to monitor (and complete).

Habitica allows you to create your own avatar, which you can customise to your liking. You can gain experience and level up your avatar when you complete positive habits; or decrease your avatar’s health when you fail to quit a negative habit, or fail a to complete a positive habit.

You can create daily habits to monitor regular tasks, or create To-Do’s for one-time tasks. You can gain in-game items when you complete habits, such as coins and pets. Coins can be used to buy in-game gear for your avatar.

Alternatively, you can create real-life custom rewards to motivate yourself to complete your tasks.

There are also beginner objectives available, which can help motivate new-users to start using the app. The reward for completing the beginner objectives is 5 achievements and 500 gold.

You can also interact with other users by battling monsters with friends. There are over 4 million users on Habitica you can interact with. Though there are premium features such as buying gems, this doesn’t give you any in-game advantage.

Overall, Habitica is a fun, game-themed habit tracker. If you love RPGs, this app may help motivate you to stay on-task with your habits.

#3 – Days Since: Quit Habit Tracking


Days Since is completely free to download and use.


Days Since is primarily designed to be a habit tracker for quitting bad habits, which limits its usability. However, the app can still be used to track positive habits, or as a generic habit tracker. The app can only really be used for long-term habits, or daily habits.

However, there’s no reminder function, so the app is best for tracking bad habits. If you’re using it to track daily habits, you’ll have to ensure that you remember to check in on the app daily.

Days Since has a simple and neat UI, with minimalistic colour-coding. This makes the app pleasant to look at, and easy to navigate.

The app is also very simple to use, as it has few options/features. You can add habits, colour-code them, view your streak for each habit, reset streaks, and view your reset history.

Overall, Days Since is ideal as a simple and free habit tracker for quitting bad habits. The app is easy to use and navigate, and is specially designed for monitoring bad habits.

#2 – Habit Tracker

Price: £3.49 per year (+ 7-day free trial), or £4.49 (one-time payment).

Habit Tracker is free to download and use, but certain features are limited or locked unless you purchase the premium upgrade.

You can purchase all premium upgrades with a one-time payment, or subscribe to the yearly plan and access the 7-day free trial. This app is one of the cheapest habit trackers you can purchase.

The premium version offers unlimited habits, multiple reminders, yearly charts, habit reports, the ability to add tags to habits, cloud sync, security lock feature (with Face ID or Touch ID), more stats, a skip habit option, and more.


Habit Tracker is a fairly detailed habit tracking app. The app is designed with a pastel colour aesthetic, which makes the UI easy on the eyes.

Habits, and other features, are already colour-coded. This means that there are no colour-coding customisation options.

However, you can customise many other things for habits. Such things include time taken to do the habit, the frequency of the task, the time range, the sound, time reminders, location reminders, chart type, start date, and end date.

You can also add a motivational message as a memo, which will appear when you check-in. The app is quite detail-oriented, and has a great focus on time and reminders.

You can also view your monthly or yearly rate of habit completion. You can view your current streak, best streak, daily average, and more. There’s also a tab for viewing your weekly habit completions.

You can create custom habits, edit habits, archive them, or reset them. You can also choose whether you want a stopwatch format for timing your habits, or a countdown format.

You can also add or invite friends to the app, and remind each other to do their habits.

Overall, Habit Tracker is a good cheap habit tracker for those who like detail-oriented apps. Habit Tracker puts a great focus on time management, and completion rates.

So, if you enjoy those aspects, this app may be the right habit tracker for you. It’s worth downloading the free trial to see if this app can help you to stay motivated.

#1 – Avocation

Price: £8.99 (one-time payment).

Avocation is free to download and use, but certain features are limited unless you purchase the pro version.

The free version only allows you to have three habits at any one time, and only gives you three colours to customise your habit icon with.

The premium version offers unlimited habits, unlimited reminders, and more colours to choose from.


Avocation is a relaxing habit tracker, which themes itself around plant-growing. The app is designed simply, with a cute and minimalistic plant aesthetic.

Avocation gives you the option to create a plan before using the app, which takes into account your field of focus, and the daily amount of time you wish to spend on your habits. The app will then give you some suggestions for sections you can add, such as Journaling and DIY.

You can add habits, tap them to mark them as complete, or long press to reset them. You can name habits, set the daily goal amount, add reminders, add an icon symbol, set an icon colour, edit the weekly frequency of the reminders, and choose a time range.

As you complete habits, your plant will grow. Your jar will also gradually fill up with water.

There are no punishments for failing to achieve a habit. Your plant will simply not grow. This makes habit tracking a stress-free experience.

You can also view information about habits, in order to learn more about the science behind habit development.


Overall, Avocation is a simple, cute and stress-free habit-tracking app. It’s a good habit-tracking app for those who want a relaxing habit-tracking experience.

It’s also a great app for those who love plants, as the plant feature could serve as motivation for using the app regularly.


In conclusion, there are quite a few habit tracking apps available. Most are free to use and download, but most require upgrading to premium in order to use without limitations. If you’re looking for a more thematic habit tracker, try Habitica or Avocation.

If you’re looking for a more basic or detail-oriented habit tracker, try Habit Tracker or Days Since. The latter is especially good for quitting bad habits. Combining one of the best habit tracker apps with a solid GTD app is the perfect recipe for improving your productivity.

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