Tinder pictures blurry? Here’s the ideal Tinder Picture Size

Tinder is the most popular online dating site, and one of the most important things you need to be successful when using Tinder is a good profile.

This consists of your name and a short biography of yourself, but it also includes Tinder profile photos so other people can know what you look like. Good Tinder photos are essential if you want to get a lot of matches on the platform.

However, some people see problems when uploading pictures to Tinder, specifically that they’re blurry. If this is happening to you, here’s what you need to do.

Why are my Tinder photos Blurry?

When you upload pictures in Tinder, the images may appear to be fuzzy or distorted.

Tinder requires photo sizes of at least 640×640, however when you upload them, they actually show a section of your photo – 640×800, to be exact.

This means that your actual profile pictures will be a little bit more zoomed in that what you upload, so it’s important to make sure the quality of your photo is high before you upload a picture.

If your photos appear blurry, there’s a good chance this is because the photo you’re using isn’t high enough quality.

Though low quality photos don’t make a massive difference on other platforms, Tinder uses a low resolution anyway, meaning you need to use quality pictures.

You can also create an image in 800×800, and use borders in the sizes of your profile image at the 640 pixel mark. This will only cut the borders off when Tinder resizes your images for your profile.

This is because Tinder tries to create your profile on a card effect, and to create the effect Tinder has to zoom in slightly.

Use a professional camera

Although most may not admit it, many users on Tinder use professional photos for their profile.

For this, you need to get a decent camera, or find a friend that is a good photographer that can take some decent snaps of you.

Or, you can choose to use older photos of you that have been taken professionally – at a wedding, for example (just not your own, no-one wants to see a divorcees wedding photos on Tinder!).

Crop Image To Right Size

To be used in Tinder, you’re going to need to crop the number of pixels if you want to eliminate the chance of blurry photos.

When you upload an image to Tinder, you’ll be given the option to crop the photo to the right size for your account. But actually, you could crop it beforehand in another app to make it the perfect resolution.

All social networks have different rules regarding photographs. Tinder requires 640×800 pixels for your images, so make sure your Tinder photo is at least this size before uploading.

What should I do if my Tinder image is too large?

If you decide to update your Tinder Profile, you will likely carefully pick the photos that represent yourself the most.

However, sometimes you may go to upload your profile pictures to the Tinder platform and find that they’re too large for the platform. This is what to do if this happens.

Lower the quality of your photos

You might be worried about decreasing quality, but actually this could still result in a much better quality photo that those that are originally low resolution.

It’s a better idea to reduce the high resolution photos you’re using slightly than use a low quality photo. You can use an app like Photoshop (or Photopea if you want a free alternative) to reduce the resolution.

Use another photo

Sometimes, you may have no other choice than to use another image for your profile photo.

Unless it’s an image you’re particularly attached too, another photo from your Camera Roll should be considered as an alternative and then be uploaded to Tinder instead.

You can also take pictures from another similar app to Tinder if you have other dating profiles.


All in all, if you find your Tinder photos blurry, you may need to put in a little time editing them to the right size. Remember that they’ll be 640×800, so they’ll actually be more zoomed in than what the photo that you upload is.

You can avoid blurry pictures on Tinder by making sure that your original image is high enough quality, as this will reduce the effect of Tinder’s zoom.

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