How many pictures should you have on Tinder?

Some users seem to effortless get matches to their Tinder profiles without having to even try. And though it’s true that some people don’t, actually there may be some effort behind getting other users to match with their profile.

And big contributor of how many matches you’ll get is the profile photos you have on your Tinder dating profile. Here’s how many photos you should be looking at having if you want more matches.

How many pictures should your Tinder Profile have?

If you’re debating on how many Tinder photos you need, it’s common consensus that you need at least three to get as many matches as possible. This includes;

  • One face or face and upper body pic as your main profile photo.
  • A full body pic showing what you look like from a distance.
  • A final pic that’s partaking in a hobby or socialising with friends.

You can upload more than this, but Tinder’s limit of nine photos is probably too much for most people. Sticking within the 3-6 ballpark is best if you want to optimal Tinder profile.

Though, there are some rules that you’ll want to follow if you want a good Tinder dating profile that will get a lot of matches. Let’s look at some loose rules you need to follow to win big on Tinder.

Tinder Profile Mistake #1 – You’re Not Diversifying Your Pictures

As mentioned above, one of the first things you need to do when creating your Tinder profile is use a variety of photos of you.

Use a headshot, a social picture with friends and a few more – one in a suit, or a shirtless photo if you have a rocking body. If you have a dog, it’s not idea to have a shot of you and him together either – everyone loves dogs.

Make sure to use pictures that convey positive body language – no aggression on arguments, so good vibes only.

Tinder Profile Mistake #2 – Group photos on tinder

Using pictures of groups shows you as sociable, which is important. However, you don’t want all of your Tinder profile photos to be group images, as you want your match to be able to see you clearly.

Of course, it goes without saying that you should always look the best among your friends – if one of your pals looks like Chris Hemsworth, it might be a good idea to crop him out of the photo.

Tinder Profile Mistake #3 – High-quality pictures are the only right way

The most attractive Tinder profile photos are those of a high quality – blurred Tinder photos can stop your match from being able to really see what you look like.

If you don’t have enough photos already to add to your profile, there’s no harm in taking a few new ones.

This way, you can be sure that your Tinder profile photos are updated with a good look at who you are.

Tinder Profile Mistake #4 – Never post old pictures

No-one likes a catfish, users always want to see the most realistic photo of what you look like. Sure, use a professional photographer – but make sure you’re recognisable.

And it goes both ways – girls that upload photoshopped images, or guys that upload pics from when they had a full head of hair 10 years ago that turn up with less hair than Lord Voldemort.

Use current pictures that are an accurate reflection of what you actually look like, as at least when you turn up for your first date, your match recognises you instantly.

Tinder Profile Mistake #5 – Never post pics you are not in

This is probably the worst of the bunch, and it’s a cardinal sin that makes users cringe. It may seem fine as it can show your personality, but that’s what the bio is for.

If you fill your Tinder pics up with anonymous images or clips from your favourite TV show, you’re going to convince a lot of potential right swipes into skipping straight on past you.

Profile pics are exactly that – pictures of you. So, stick to a headshot, a full body pic and a few other pictures of you – not your favourite TV character.

Tinder Profile Mistake #6 – Don’t post photos from the gym

Selfies are inherently bad, buy gym selfies in the mirror are probably not going to make good photos for attracting others.

The gym is for exercise, and if you have a profile picture of you in your gym gear posing, you could easily put others off from matching with you.

Even when you train hard or workout if you’re a bit of a fitness enthusiast, you can ruin your profile by posting shirtless pics from the gym, as it’ll make others think you’re self obsessed.

Tinder Profile Mistake #7 – Not smiling

In many cases, a genuine smile can be all you need to win over another person, and in at least one of your Tinder photos you should have a smile.

When Tinder photos are too serious, you’re going to seem like you’re no fun – and everyone wants some fun in their life.

A nice smile increases your chances of matching Tinder, so make sure to upload at least one photo with a smiling face.


Of course, you have a lot more to offer than your appearance, and your photos aren’t everything. However, if you don’t have your photo game on point, and realistically this could result in your future partner swiping left.

So, make sure to use a good amount of Tinder photos on your dating profile, and make sure that you use your best Tinder pictures first. This way, you can be sure that you’ve done everything you can.

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