The Sun Dream Team app not working – How to fix

The Sun Dream Team app is a version of fantasy football created by The Sun newspaper for football lovers up and down the country. Each week, players must select players who they think they will perform well in the Barclays Premier League.

You are allocated a budget and must shape your team around this. Although it’s not as popular as the FPL app, it will generate a lot of traffic on weekends and sometimes, as a result, stops working.

When The Sun Dream Team app isn’t working it can cause panic for players because they aren’t able to change their teams or make transfers. Luckily, you’re typically only a couple of minutes away from fixing the issue and it requires little effort.

In this article we will explain the most common causes of the Sun Dream app not working and talk you through the easiest fixes.

The Sun Dream Team app not working – the quick fix

The most common reason for the Dream App not working is to do with updates. As it is an app that requires a lot of updates due to the nature of it, you need to make sure that your phone a) is set up to automatically update and b) has enough storage space to deal with these updates.

To do this on an iOS device you need to head over to the settings app on your home screen and scroll down until you see ‘App Store’. Select it and then make sure that ‘App updates’ is ticked to green.

This will mean that any time one of your apps, including the Sun Dream Team app, has an update then your phone will automatically update it for you in the background as you go on with your day.

To make sure you have enough storage to allow these automatic downloads, then head back to the settings app again and find the ‘General’ tab.

Click on ‘iPhone Storage’ and you will be greeted by a screen that shows you how much space on your iPhone you have used up so far and how much space is available to you.

If necessary, delete any apps that you no longer need or use to ensure there is enough space available for automatic app updates.

There are other reasons why the Sun Dream Team app might not be working which we will now go in to.


One common cause of the Sun Dream Team App not working is maintenance work on their end. As mentioned earlier, the app goes through a large amount of updates each week and sometimes this will result in occasions where the app isn’t usable at all.

Most of the time, when this maintenance work is being done, the app will notify to let you know that the game is being updated. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do when this work is being done so you just have to wait for them to finish their updates.


Sometimes the Sun Dream Team app will encounter loading issues where the app just loads up to either a blank screen or a blurred out screen which looks like it’s loading.

When this happens repetitively after a few attempts of closing it down and starting it again it is time to cut your losses, delete the app and then re-download it.

To do this on an iOS device, you need to hold down on the Sun Dream Team app on your home screen which will bring down a drop down menu. Click on ‘remove app’ on the drop down menu which will wipe the app from your phone.

Then head over to the App Store, search for The Sun Dream Team app and then re-download it. Your login information will be saved in the cloud so you won’t lose any of your data, this is just essentially a way of restarting the app and removing any bugs.

Re-installing the Dream Team app on your device should be the ultimate fix to any problems you’re having, as it’ll clear all of your previously cached data and start from fresh.


The Sun Dream Team app is one of the most popular apps out there for football fans up and down the country and therefore deals with a lot of traffic.

Due to this traffic it is only natural that the app will suffer from downtime every now and then but luckily, it is often quite easy to fix if it is an issue from your end.

If it’s an issue on their end, then it can understandably be very frustrating as the fix is out of your hands and all you can do is wait.

If none of our suggestions work and you want to establish whether the cause of the problem is The Sun Dream Team’s fault then you can contact them via their support page on Twitter, where they answer all queries 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday. They will then be able to advise you on whether there any additional steps you need to make.

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