If you swipe left on Bumble, are they gone forever?

You log into Bumble and start swiping through the match queue to see the boring guy after boring guy.

Your swiping gets faster, until you’re suddenly swiping left faster than the speed of light. BUT STOP!

You’ve just swiped left on your dream guy. It happens to everyone at some point, and it leaves us wondering – will this guy come up in my match queue again?

If you swipe left, are they gone forever?

We know that on apps like Tinder, if you swipe left then you may lose contact with the potential match for good.

However, this may not be the case on Bumble. Though Bumble don’t explicitly state whether a match will re-appear in your match queue, using Bumble suggest that they eventually will.

This may take a while, so if you’re looking to undo a swipe to the left, you’ll need to use Bumble’s Backtrack button, which can get back users that you’ve swiped to the left.

Otherwise, you’ll just need to wait until they come up in your match queue again, which typically happens a few months after you swipe them to the left for the first time.

How do you get back someone you swiped left on Bumble?

The best solution to getting someone back on your Bumble account is to use the Backtrack feature.

You can use the Backtrack feature only when you sign up to a premium account on Bumble, as it’s a premium feature unavailable to free users.

When you have Bumble Premium, you can then backtrack on your decision and get the user back to match with them and potentially even send them a message.

I keep seeing the same Bumble profile

If you keep seeing the same Bumble profile over and over again in a short succession, it may be that the user is continually deleting their account and creating new ones.

Similarly, it could be that these are fake users, as like any other dating apps out there, Bumble does have bots that frequent the platform too.

The best thing you can do in this scenario is to give a quick left swipe and move on with your day.

Why aren’t they coming back into my match queue?

There may be situations where you’re hoping someone will come back around again so you can give them a second chance.

Not everyone that you swipe left on will come back into your potential matches. This is usually because they’ve deleted their account from Bumble, or they’ve turned on Snooze mode within their Bumble settings.

It could also be that the other user blocked you at the first chance they could. If this is someone you know in real life, then this could be the reason why they’re not showing again in your feed.


Whenever you click into the Bumble app, you may be greeted with new users that have matched you on the platform.

However in some cases, you could see a profile that you’ve already swiped left on in the past.

This could be because a lot of time has passed since your initial left swipe, or it could just be that the user has created a new account. Either way, once you swipe left on them again, they’ll be out of your match queue for a good while.

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