Bumble Snooze mode: What do matches see?

Bumble is a mobile dating app that helps singles meet new people for both long term relationships and short term romances.

On e of the good things about Bumble is that women are expected to make the first move.

As well as this, Bumble allows you to temporarily stop matching with other users on the app, whilst still retaining the ability to chat with those you’ve already matched with.

To do this, you must activate Snooze mode within the Settings of your Bumble app. Once you activate Snooze mode in Bumble, there’s a few things you should know.

What do other users see when I activate snooze mode?

When you turn on Bumble Snooze mode, the reality is that actually no-one will really know you’re in Snooze mode.

You’ll be taken out of the Card stack for matching other users. So, your profile won’t show up at all when they’re swiping through looking for new matches.

Users that you’ve already started chatting with on Bumble will still be able to send you messages, though they won’t know you’re in Snooze mode unless you tell them you are.

You’ll appear to them exactly as if you weren’t in Snooze mode, so there’s no difference there.

You can change your away Status when in Snooze mode to let others know that you’re taking a break from Bumble, and then they’ll be able to determine you’re not looking to carry on chatting.

If you see someone on Bumble that’s greyed out of they’ve disappeared from Bumble, it could be that they’re in Snooze mode (they could also be a deleted user, though usually Bumble doesn’t show deleted profiles).

What is Bumble Snooze mode?

Bumble Snooze mode is a free feature that was added to the Bumble app to give users the opportunity to take a break from the swipe carousel.

You can activate the Snooze feature from within your Settings. This will stop potential matches from matching you in Bumble, and effectively make your profile invisible.

Online dating should be fun – not a chore. New users of Bumble can sometimes get overwhelmed, so the ability to take a break is a good additional option if you’re getting too many matches.

And when you’re ready to get back into the mix, you can easily disable Snooze mode, which will put you straight back into the card stack of other users.


A few years ago, Bumble introduced Snooze mode on their app, which allows users to take breaks from the app without deleting their account.

It’s a feature that was requested by many Bumble Users, as similar features can be found on Tinder and other similar dating apps already.

Bumble Snooze Mode can be a very useful feature if you don’t want to keep matching with people whilst still talking to your existing matches.

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