Sky Go app won’t connect to Sky Q box – How to fix

Sky Q is a service provided by Sky which offers customers the opportunity to have a network of various boxes in their home which allows them to record and watch multiple different shows at once providing they have screens to connect to.

Until the recently announced Sky Glass, it was the premier service offered by Sky.

One feature of Sky Q is the ability to connect your Sky Go app to it, giving you the ability to record tv shows via the Sky Go app and watch shows that you’ve recorded on your Sky Q box on Sky Go.

If you’ve signed up to a full Sky Q package, you’ll also have the sports too – although the Sky Sports app is not perfect.

Recently, Sky replaced the Sky Q app and moved it’s features to Sky Go which has caused some customers to experience issues with connecting the app to their Sky Q box.

This article will explain how to get the app connected and how to work around any problems that you encounter.

Sky Go app won’t connect to Sky Q box – The quick fix

If you are struggling to connect your Sky Go app to your Sky Q box then your first port of call should be to go on to your phone, or whatever device you use Sky Go on, and check a couple of things.

Firstly, you need to check that your Sky Go app is permitted to connect to local devices. To check this on an iOS device you need to open up the settings app and select ‘Privacy’ and then ‘Local Network’.

This will bring up a list of apps that you have on your phone that have requested permission to find and communicate with devices on your local network.

If you have a Sky Go account then Sky Go will feature on this list and you need to ensure that the bar next to it his highlighted green.

Secondly, you need to make sure that you aren’t running a VPN on your phone. Many people download VPN’s so they can browse the internet anonymously but Sky Go will not connect to your Sky Q box if it detects that a VPN is being used.

Open up a list of all your apps to see if you have any VPN apps downloaded and either delete them or switch them off.

Unfortunately, you may find that you have already given permission to Sky Go to connect to local devices and that you aren’t using a VPN but the app still isn’t connecting. Let’s take a look at some other possible causes and how to get around them.

Sky specific issues

It goes without saying really that there are issues relating to Sky that you need to check if you are struggling to connect Sky Go to Sky Q. After all, you are using two different sky products here!

First of all, you need to make sure that you have the right subscription on your account to be able to connect the Sky Go app to Sky Q.

The subscription package you need is called ‘Multiscreen’ and to check if you have this log on to your Sky account and access your account information.

Secondly, you need to load up the Sky Go app on your phone and go to the settings option. On this page there will be an option that reads ‘Connect to Sky Q box’ which you need to select ‘yes’.


Another thing that is worth looking at is updates – on your phone and on your Sky Q box. If you don’t keep your Sky Q main box or Sky Q mini box up to date, you can have issues connecting your mobile device to it.

  • To make sure the Sky Go app is updated on your iOS device you need to go to the settings app and select ‘App Store’. From here you need to then slide the bar next to ‘App Updates’ to green. This will ensure that all of your apps, including Sky Go, are always updated. When doing this, it’s also worth checking your available storage space to ensure you enough space to allow for automatic updates.
  • To make sure your Sky Q box is updated you need to grab your Sky remote and navigate to settings. From here, select ‘System Info’ and then highlight ‘software version’. Select ‘setup’ and then click ‘software download’. Your Sky Q box will then download the latest update which should then help you to establish a connection between the Sky Go app and your Sky Q box.


We hope that one of these solutions will help you to find a resolution to the issue of Sky Go not connecting to your Sky Q box.

These are the most common and straightforward ways to get round the problem but if you are regularly encountering problems with the connection then we would recommend that you get in touch with Sky directly.

If you are having any issues with any other apps then please do feel free to check out our other troubleshooting articles, where we look at some of the most popular apps around and provide instructions on how to fix them when they aren’t working.

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