Reelgood review – Keep track of your TV shows

Have you ever spent an evening planning to start a new television series but ended up just scrolling endlessly through multiple different streaming services until you realise it’s time for bed and give up? Me, too.

Now, what if I told you there was an app which gave you the ability to search through all of your streaming apps in one, quick, filtered search? Enter, Reelgood – we’re going to take a look at what the app has to offer.

Reelgood review – Overall thoughts

Overall, we found the Reelgood app to be a solid option if you’re looking for a TV that combines all of your streaming platforms.

This includes free streaming services, as well as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV and many more.

Reelgood allows its customers to use multiple different search features and filters to either find a new series/movie to watch that matches your taste or find a series/movie quickly that you’ve been wanting to re-watch for ages.

No more searching through pages and pages of various different streaming services for the Harry Potter movies, just use Reelgood and you’ll be able to find them (if they’re available anywhere) instantly.

After a thorough look and play through the Reelgood app, I have been mightily impressed with what I found. For a streaming guide, it’s surprisingly intuitive and better than your standard Android or iPhone app.

Some of the features of the app, which we look at in more detail later on, are really handy and help you to locate the perfect tv show or movie for you and whoever you’re planning on watching with.

The app will gradually become more personalised to you as it gets to grips with what you like meaning that it will start recommending you shows and movies that are suited to your interests.

The categories available are niche, as are the filters when searching, allowing you to find shows and/or movies that you truly will enjoy.

I assume you’re waiting for the catch but there really doesn’t seem to be any obvious ones. The app is completely free of charge meaning that you get all of its wonderful features without spending a penny.

As long as you have subscriptions for the streaming services on your account, then you’re good to go. What are you waiting for?!


  • Gives you the ability to search through all of your stream apps at once.
  • Fantastic features which allow you to hone in the perfect show/movies for you.
  • The app keeps track of where you’re up to on every series that you watch, across all platforms.
  • Completely free.


  • There are other, more established apps out there that do a similar job.
  • Some users have reported that the app is particularly buggy.

Both series addicts and movie lovers will want to try this app out. Let’s take a look at some of the features that I’ve been waxing lyrical about:

Tinder for movies

One of my favourite features of the app is its ‘swipe’ feature if you’re looking to a) find a movie to watch and b) teach the app about your interests.

The app will fire random movies at you, along with the synopsis and movie poster’ and you either swipe right or left depending if it’s a movie that you would be interested in watching.

If you like the look of the movie but just don’t fancy watching it right there and then, or if its a movie you’ve previously seen and enjoyed, then make sure you still swipe right so the app is aware of your tastes.

They will then use this information to recommend similar movies to you in the future. This is perfect if you want to know what upcoming movies will be released without having to search for it all the time.

The Reelgood remote

The Reelgood remote is a another tidy feature on the Reelgood app. This feature can be accessed by clicking the small green icon on the bottom right hand side of the the app and effectively works as a TV remote which links the app to the your smart TV.

This allows you to have the app on your phone but still watch your chosen series or movie on your TV.

To activate the Reelgood remote you need to allow it access to local networks by going to settings on your phone and then selecting ‘Local Networks’.

Now back on the Reelgood app you need to select the Reelgood remote icon and select the smart tv that you want it to connect to.

From there, use the app to search and select what you want to watch and as long as the required streaming service is set up on your smart tv then you’ll be in business.

Episode tracking

We touched on this earlier, but the episode tracking feature is a really useful tool that will mean you never lose track of where you’re up to on every single series that you’re watching.

The app will also notify you when new episodes are available to watch, meaning that you’ll be the first to watch new episodes and therefore ruling out the possibility of having your favourite shows ruined by spoilers.

It isn’t just tv shows that are available on the tracking feature, though. You can also track movies which is a cool little feature for those movie buffs who like to build a catalogue of every film that they’ve seen.

Adding movies to your tracking list will also help the app get an idea of what genres you like which will help to guide future recommendations.

Search party

The search party function is probably my favourite feature on the app and something that makes it stand out against competitors such as JustWatch.

The search party function incorporates the aforementioned tinder feature but throws in the added factor that you’ll be trying to find a match with your friends to find the perfect film or tv show for your group night in.

Invite friends to do this by selecting the ‘invite friends’ option on the top of the search party page and then click the settings option to select which streaming services to include in the search.

If you want, you can filter it further to show you only movies or tv shows or to show you only specific genres.

The app will then show you and all of your invited friends the same recommendations and if all of you swipe right on the same option then it will show up as a match. Trust the app and give any matches a watch!

Reelgood roulette

The final feature that I want to talk about is Reelgood roulette. This is just a bit of fun for when you’ve exhausted all options and simply can’t decide what to watch.

Select the ‘Reelgood roulette’ option at the bottom of ‘discover’ page and then hit ‘spin’ and the app will show you a completely random show or movie to watch.

If you want to narrow the options down then you can set the roulette certain filters from genres to release date.

Common questions about Reelgood

Which streaming services are available on Reelgood?

We would be here all day if we listed every single platform that is available on Reelgood, but every single major platform is available. This includes subscription based services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix and Disney Plus, as well as free services such as iPlayer, Itv Hub and All 4. To search through them all, just download the app and you can see what’s available on the opening screen.

Can you watch movies and TV shows on Reelgood?

Unfortunately, no you can’t. You can use Reelgood to search for tv shows and movies and if you find on that you want to watch then the app will redirect you to the relevant streaming platform via direct link. You can use the Reelgood remote, which is built in within the app, to get the app to redirect you to services on your smart tv.

How much does Reelgood cost?

Reelgood is absolutely free with no hidden payments waiting to pounce on you once you’ve downloaded it and setup an account. The only fees you’ll pay in relation to Reelgood are for the subscription based streaming platforms (Eg Netflix) which link to Reelgood.

How do I get Reelgood?

To get access to Reelgood, you need to go to your phone’s app store and download it. Once it’s downloaded you need to set up an account and link all of your streaming services to it. This will then allow the app to search for all relevant shows and redirect you to these apps whenever necessary.


The Reelgood app is a superb app that gives users a way to enjoy all of their favourite streaming services in one place.

The features which we’ve discussed all add something valuable to the app and gives customers a way to make the platform unique and personalised to them, something that is invaluable when it comes to entertainment in general.

I would 100% recommend the app to anyone who holds an account with more than one streaming service, with the fact it’s completely free making it a no-brainer.

If you have enjoyed this review, then please feel free to check out our other articles where we take a deep dive into some of the most popular apps on the market today.

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