How to download songs on the SoundCloud app – Simple Guide

SoundCloud is a well-known music platform, where users can upload songs, as well as listen to other tracks uploaded by other users too. You can create playlists, upload original songs, share song links to different platforms, and more.

You can also download Soundcloud songs on your account for offline use. You can accomplish this on either the app, or their website.

How to download songs on the SoundCloud app

Downloading songs on SoundCloud is not the most simple or blatant task, especially on the app.

Though some users think that Spotify is a better choice, it doesn’t have the same catalogue of leaks and new releases from smaller artists that you can find on Soundcloud.

In order to actually download Soundcloud songs on the app, you need to pay for the premium version with a monthly fee of £12.99. There is a free trial of 1 month, but you must be subscribed to the plan in order to start the trial.

They require your payment verification details before you can officially subscribe, and will charge you after the trial ends.

This is a big commitment to make as the money will be taken out, most likely without warning, unless you cancel.


Luckily, the app tells you when they will take the first instalment out of your account, so you can set a reminder to cancel the subscription.

Cancelling a subscription from your Apple account is easy to do, and we will cover that later on in this article.

For now, we’ll cover how you can download songs on the SoundCloud app.


First, open the SoundCloud app and press the magnifying glass icon on the bottom row. This will showcase a search bar.


Search for the song you wish to download. Not all songs are available on SoundCloud so don’t be alarmed if the song you want isn’t there.

Try searching for another song. Keep in mind that the more popular a song is, the more likely it is that a user has uploaded it onto the platform.


Press the three dots next to the song you wish to download. This opens up a list of options.


Press ‘add to playlist’. This will open up a list of your playlists. Press on the playlist you wish to add the song to.

You need to do this in order to download the song. There is no download feature for individual songs on the app, but there is one for playlists.


Next, press on the library icon, which is the second-to-last icon on the bottom row. This showcases your library. Press ‘playlists & albums’ to access your playlists.


Press on the playlist you added your song to.


There should be downwards-facing arrow icon for the playlist. That’s the download option. Press it to download the songs in the playlist.


Alternatively, you can press the three dots on the right. This opens up a list of options. Press the ‘download’ option to download the songs in the playlist.

It is fairly simple to download tracks to your Soundcloud account, though it’s actually easier to save songs when you head to the Soundcloud homepage within your browser.

How to download songs on the SoundCloud website

If you find that you cannot download songs on the app, or you wish to use a simpler method to do so, you can download songs on their website using the Soundcloud downloader.

Not all songs will be downloadable, as some users don’t want others to download their songs, so they can choose to turn the Download Music button off.

You can check whether a song is available for download by pressing the three icons next to the song. It should show a list of options. If the song is downloadable, there should be a ‘download file’ option.


If the song is not available for download, then there will not be a ‘download file’ option when you press the three dots.


Unfortunately, there will be many songs that don’t have a ‘download file’ option. Thus, using the website isn’t the most convenient method for downloading songs.

On the other hand, the website doesn’t require you to sign into your account in order to use it. If you go on the website without logging in, it gives you the option to search for songs. You can also play the songs without logging in.

This means you can freely search for songs, and check if they’re downloadable, with ease.


How to subscribe to SoundCloud Go+ on the app

In order to download Soundcloud songs on the app, you must be subscribed to their monthly plan. They offer a free trial, but you are required to subscribe in order to access it.

Subscribing is an easy task to accomplish on the app. Just ensure that your iCloud account has a payment method added to it before you subscribe.

You will need to add a payment method during the process otherwise.


First, open the app and press on the small ‘go’ icon in the bottom-right corner. This opens up the subscription page. Press ‘subscribe now’ to start the process.


A pop-up should then appear. It gives you details about the subscription, including the length of the free trial, and when it ends.

Make particular note of the date they’ll start taking money out of your account in case you decide to cancel the subscription before the trial ends.

Finally, press the ‘subscribe’ option at the bottom to finalise the process.


If you do not have a payment method already added to your iCloud account, you will be prompted to add one. Ensure that your details are correct.

Otherwise, the app may be unable to verify your payment method, which will cancel the process. If there is an issue with your payment method, a notice saying so should pop-up.


If you wish to edit your payment method, you can simply do so by going on settings.


Then, press on your profile picture to open up your account settings. Press ‘payment & shipping’.


You may be prompted to sign into your account if you haven’t done so recently. Sign into your account if so.


Finally, you should be shown a list of your payment methods. Press on the payment method to edit it.

If you don’t have any payment methods added, or you wish to add another, press the ‘add payment method’ option to do so.

Then, you can try subscribing to SoundCloud Go+ on the app again. This can make downloading tracks for offline listening a little easier, and you can still use the official Soundcloud app to do this too.

How to cancel a subscription for an iCloud account

Cancelling a subscription for iCloud is easy to do. However, be aware that you will not be refunded if you have already paid for the month.

If you feel that the money has been wasted, try waiting until a week or so before your next monthly payment before unsubscribing.


Go to settings, and press on your profile picture.


Next, press ‘subscriptions’.


This should showcase a list of your active subscriptions.

Once you’ve done this, you can press on the subscription you wish to cancel, and press ‘cancel subscription’ to cancel it.

This is a good way to download an entire playlist of your favorite tracks and not have to worry about paying a monthly subscription fee.


In conclusion, downloading songs on SoundCloud can be a quite difficult. Whilst the process is simpler on the website, many songs are not available for download there.

However, the app allows you to download most songs. The process is longer, but it is more rewarding and has less limitations, and it’s clear to see why Soundcloud is still one of the most popular music streaming services.

Unfortunately, in order to download songs on the app, you must be subscribed to SoundCloud Go+ and pay £12.99 a month.

You must subscribe to try their free trial, so it can be a risky endeavour if you only wish to try SoundCloud Go+ for free.

Be sure to make note of the day your free trial ends, and cancel your subscription before then if you don’t wish to pay for it.

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