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Reddit is one of the largest community websites in the world, and there’s a reason why a huge audience has flocked to the platform.

Its modern take on the traditional forum has made it more enjoyable for readers to find quick access to information they’re interested in, and unlike forums that are focussed on a specific area, Reddit is focussed on everything.

You can bet your last dollar that there’s a sub-reddit for what you’re looking for, whether it’s newly rending topics, technology news or just memes and funny pictures, there’s a sub-reddit for everyone.

Though not everyone likes it, even the most extreme karma-addict may want to take a break from the platform at certain times and delete their Reddit account.

So, if you’re looking for a good alternative to Reddit, we’re going to run through some of the best options currently out there.

3 Apps that are similar to Reddit

When it comes to Reddit alternatives, you have a few different options to check out when you can post comments, post images and much more.

Reddit users tend to love the social media platform for its anonymity, its plethora of information and the ability to keep up with all the news – so we’ve got 3 sites that exemplify those points perfectly.



If you want a no-holds barred alternative to Reddit, then 4chan is definitely going to be your best bet.

Like Reddit, the posts on 4chan can be completely anonymous, though it doesn’t have the same level of filter that Reddit has when talking about.. well, anything.

There are still bans for talking about certain topics that break the law, though it’s as close to “anything goes” as you’ll find on the internet.

4chan is known for being the place where many different memes have been born over the years – from Rickrolling to the Copypasta you see over pretty much every social media nowadays, many different memes were born on the platform.

It’s also well known for hosting the origin of the hacking group Anonymous.

The things that make 4chan an impressive online community can also be considered the things that make it potentially dangerous depending on your perspective.

Whilst having anonymity about your posts on the platform can be a good thing as you can say what you truly want without judgement, there’s no denying that the more depraved among us can use 4chan for their own benefit – from leaked photos to cyberbullying.

So whilst there is a good side to 4chan, there is a more risky element to the platform too, especially if you compare it to sites like Reddit that have pretty strict moderators – you can make your own choice whether you want to check it out.

If you’re a free speech advocate, then 4chan will probably appeal to you



If you want somewhere to scroll aimlessly but in a slightly more productive fashion, then Quora is probably going to be your best bet.

It’s the most popular question and answer forum on the internet and gets hundreds of millions of visitors each month.

Like Reddit, anyone can sign up for a Quora account pretty easily – though it’s not really a place for threads as Reddit is, with continual responses to one another.

Instead, Quora is a more traditional Q & A website – someone asks a genuine question, and a whole host of different people give their answer to the question.

This can range from the average stranger off the street to an expert in the field, or even a celebrity or well known person in some cases too.

What makes Quora work is that the best answers on the platform are rewarded, as other users are easily able to upvote the answers that they agree with or they appreciate the most.

This works extremely well, and most of the time the best answers rise to the top of the pile so visitors can read them first.

Unlike Reddit, most of the people on Quora prefer to give their real identity to answer questions, as it adds an extra layer of authenticity to their answers.

If you’re more interested in learning and making the most of your time, then Quora would likely be a great app to download as it’s filled with knowledge.



Defining themselves as “the Homepage of the Internet”, Digg is another alternative to Reddit that has a loyal fanbase of users that work on the platform.

One of the main differences that’s immediately noticeable between the two is that Reddit has stuck with a more basic forum design, whereas Digg looks a bit more like a typical website you’d scroll through on the internet.

Where it’s similar to Reddit is that users can upvote or like the content that they think is the best or most interesting – the posts that get the most likes will then become more prevalent on the homepage.

Instead of upvotes and downvotes like on Reddit, on Digg they are either Digged or Buried depending on whether the reader finds value in the content.

Digg is another news aggregating website, and users all have the opportunity to submit their own content to the platform.

Of course, whether the content is well received or not depends on a lot of different factors, with one of the main ones being how current the topic is.

If it’s in the news and media, you can be sure that it’ll likely be on the Digg front page too.

This means if you’re searching for a Reddit alternative but also an alternative to your traditional media and news outlets too, then Digg may be the best platform for you.


Overall, there are a lot of different alternatives that users can look at utilising if they want to avoid going on Reddit.

Much of what app you prefer to use will depend on your own preference, and whether you’re looking to waste time scrolling through memes or you’re looking for more motivation like you’ll find in /r/progresspics/.

Either way, taking a break from Reddit isn’t a bad idea, especially if you’ve found yourself scrolling through their forum for hours instead of getting some work done (which is very easy to do!).

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