Modded Kik – Which one is best?

Kik a popular messaging platform, where users can create and join different group chats. These group chats usually base themselves around certain topics or interests, such as games or music.

The messenger allows people to meet others with similar interests, which can be a great method for making new friends. You can also use the app to converse with your existing friends by inviting them to your own group chat.

Modded Kik – Which one is best?

Kik has been around for quite a while, with its initial release dating back to 2010. And though sometimes Kik video may stop working, it’s one of the more reliable messaging apps out there.

These days, there are many modded versions of Kik, which each offer different features and benefits. These mods were created with certain purposes in mind, such as higher levels of customisation or better performance speed.

Here, we’ll go through some of the most popular Kik mods, and see which one is best.


PIKEK is one of the most well-used modded Kik apps, and is largely considered to be the most popular and useful Kik mod. The mod mainly focuses on offering a higher level of customisation for Kik users.

PIKEK allows you to change the UI’s appearance, the font, the font size, the font colour, the background, the background colour, and the profile image. You can also disable typing completely so it only allows media files.

The ability to change the user interface is most important. You can download Kik mod APKs like PIKEK fairly easily by searching for them online too.


NULLKIK is another very popular Kik mod. This mod mainly centres around the UI’s appearance. NULLKIK offers a range of different backgrounds, colours, and fonts. Users can freely customise their interface to suit their preferences.

NULLKIK shares many similarities with the PIKEK Kik mod. Both mods aim to increase the level of customisation for Kik users, and both offer various customisation options for the UI. It’s also a lot easier to save files than in the original app.


GHOSTKIK is also another well-used Kik mod. The mod, unlike the previous two, focuses on efficiency as opposed to appearance or customisation.

GHOSTKIK is a lighter version of the original Kik messenger app. The mod has a faster performance speed, and takes up less data. GHOSTKIK is the ideal mod for those who want a more efficient Kik mod.

Be careful when installing this mod, as there are a few hacked versions of it online. Be sure to download GHOSTKIK from a reliable source.

GHOSTKIK doesn’t share many similarities with the other popular Kik mods. It aims to increase performance quality and efficiency, whilst the other Kik mods aim to offer additional features not available in the original Kik app.


PIKIK2 is another popular Kik mod, and is the more recent version of the original PIKIK mod. This mod contains a handful of useful features, such as the Fake Camera tool.

PIKIK2 also has higher security/privacy settings. The mod has a feature that prevents read receipts from being displayed, which is great for users who want to avoid them.

There’s also an option for preventing the ‘is typing’ notice from showing up. This will keep users from being able to see when someone else is typing.

You may also turn off the forwarding option, which will stop others from being able to forward your chats to other groups/users.


MATRIK3 is another well-known Kik mod, which also focuses on improving the security and privacy settings. MATRIK3 allows you to turn off read receipts, and the ‘is typing’ notice.

The mod also lets you disable the image-download option, which prevents users from being able to download images that have been sent. There’s also an anti-spam tool, which blocks spam.

MATRIK3 also contains some features that increase customisability, such as a bigger collection of emoticons available for use.

The mod also has a Fake Camera tool, similar to the PIKIK2 Kik mod.

PIKIK2 and MATRIK3 share many similarities in terms of features and purpose. Both mods aim to increase the level of security and privacy for Kik users. You can also check out some Kik cheats if you want to increase your blocking ability.


In conclusion, the Kik mods each have their own focus or purpose. Some mods increase the level of customisation, such as PIKEK and NULLKIK.

Others focus more on practicality or efficiency, such as GHOSTKIK. Depending on your preference, a different Kik mod may be the best option for you.

If you’re looking for a Kik mod that increases customisability, PIKEK and NULLKIK are your best options.

If you’re looking for a more efficient and lightweight Kik app, GHOSTKIK is your best option. If you’re looking for a higher level of security and more privacy settings, PIKIK2 and MATRIK3 are your best options.

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