Kik Cheats, Tips & Tricks for More Fun

Kik is a well-known free messenger app, where users can join different groups to find/meet like-minded peers.

Kik features many group chats, which are usually based around a topic or interest of some kind. These interests can range from anime to sports.

The platform is a great place for finding other people who share your interests. You can also create your own groups, and invite your friends to them.

There are also a few cheats and tricks that might make your Kik experience a little better.

Kik Cheats, Tips & Tricks

Kik is a fairly simple messenger app, but there are quite a few features available including videos calls (though in truth, video calls can stop working on Kik).

There are ways in which you can best utilise all that Kik has to offer, such as taking advantage of their customisation options. This can make the Kik Messenger app a little bit more fun to use.

There are also methods you can use to achieve certain goals, such as reading messages secretly or discovering when you’ve been blocked. Here, we’ll cover some cheats and tips for using Kik.

Read Messages Secretly

When you receive a message from someone in Kik, they’ll be notified when their message has been read by you.

They’ll usually receive some kind of notification or notice that tells them if their message was read.

Whilst this feature is quite useful, there may be times where you don’t want the sender of a message to know that you’ve read their message. Fortunately, there is a way to read messages without notifying their sender.

Enable airplane mode. This should be accessible from your control centre or device settings.

Next, open the Kik app and read the messages you’ve been sent. Once you’re done, close the app. Make sure to also disable the app’s background activity. For iOS devices, you can disable background activity in the Settings > General > Background app refresh.

For Android devices, you can disable background activity by force stopping the Kik app. Go to Settings > Apps > Kik and press ‘Force stop’.

Now, you can disable airplane mode. The sender of the messages shouldn’t have received any read receipts.

Being Blocked

There are times when you may think you’ve been blocked by another Kik user. There are ways in which you can find out whether a user has blocked you. Simply try sending that user a message.

If the letter beside the message turns from an ‘s’ to a ‘d’, your message has been successfully delivered.

This means that the user has not blocked you. If you’ve been blocked by a user, you should no longer be able to send them messages.

If the letter beside your message fails to turn into a ‘d’, it means that your message has failed to send. This means that the user has probably blocked you.

Another method for checking whether you’ve been blocked, is by adding the user to a group you’ve created. If you’re unable to do so, you’ve most likely been blocked by that user.

Otherwise, if you can successfully add them to the group, you have not been blocked.

Customisation & Chat Settings

Kik offers customisation options for its users, which allow them to alter the colour of their chat bubbles.

Customisation options are always helpful for letting users personalise their interface to their liking. It can make an app more fun to use.

In order to change the colour of your chat bubbles, press the gear icon. This will open the settings. Press the ‘chat settings’ option.

You can also enable dark mode in the chat settings. Dark mode is a cool features that’s been added to many social media apps recently, and fortunately it’s pretty easy to enable.

Next, press ‘chat bubble colour’. This will showcase all the colour options.


Select the colour you want your chat bubbles to be.

Permanently Delete Your Kik Account

The first tip for using Kik is knowing how to permanently delete your Kik account. There are several reasons for why you may wish to delete your account, but rest assured that the task is easy to do.

Just make sure that you’re certain about deleting the account, as you’ll no longer be able to log in or use the account after deleting it.

Your username will also be deleted from Kik, and will no longer exist on the messenger. Your contact will also be deleted from your friends’ lists.

To delete your Kik account, go to


Fill in the form with your account information. Once you’re done, check the box neat the bottom of the form. Then, press ‘go’ to complete the task.

Alternatively, if you simply wish to deactivate your account, go to


Enter your account’s email, and press ‘go’. Your account will now be inactive. You can choose to reactivate your account again by logging into your account on the Kik app.


In conclusion, there are several cheats and tips for Kik messenger. Some tips can help you easily achieve certain goals and make changes from within the Kik messenger app.

Such goals can include deleting an account, or discovering when you’ve been blocked.

There are also tips for how you can best utilise the app and its features, such as taking advantage of their customisation options. You can edit the colour of your chat bubbles to suit your preference, or enable dark mode.

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