3 ways to add books to Kindle app – Quick Guide

The Kindle app is a free service, which allows you to access the books you’ve purchased on your Kindle device. These books can be downloaded onto your device to allow for offline reading.

The app also has its own reader, which provides a series of customisation options. These include changing the page colour, text font, text size, and more.

The app also has a discover section, where you can discover or search for more books. You should also be able to download Audible books through your Kindle too.

However, adding books to the app can be a more complicated process. We’ll go through ways in which you can achieve this in this article.

How to add books to Kindle app – 3 different methods

There are various methods through which you can add books to your Kindle app. All of them require you to have an Amazon account, so ensure that you have already made one before using the app. The app will require you to sign in.

If you wish to connect the app to your Kindle device, use the account you signed into your Kindle device with. This will allow the app to access the books on your Kindle device.

Method 1: Using the Kindle app

Whilst there are several ways to add book to your Kindle app, you cannot use the app itself to fully add books to your library.

However, you can add samples to your library, and read them using the app.

Open the app, and press the discover icon on the bottom row.


Search for the book you want using the search bar.


Press onto the book you want. This will showcase the option to ‘send a free sample’. Press it to add a sample of the book to your library.


After the sample has been downloaded, it will show the option to ‘read now’. Press it to open the sample.


Alternatively, press the library icon on the bottom row. This will showcase your library. You can find the sample you just downloaded there. Press it to open the sample.


Method 2: Using Amazon

One way to add books to the Kindle app, is to buy Kindle books on Amazon.

Go on the Amazon website. Press the ‘sign in’ option in the top right.


Sign in using the same account you logged into your Kindle app with. This will allow the app to sync with your Amazon book purchases.


Search for the book you want using the search bar. You can add the word ‘kindle’ in your search to find Kindle editions of the book.


Find the book you want, and press on it.


Look to see if there is a ‘Kindle edition’ of the book available. Only Kindle books can be added to the app. Press the ‘Kindle edition’ option, and press ‘buy now’ to purchase the book.


Finally, open the Kindle app and go to your library. The book you just purchased on Amazon should be there.


Method 3: Using a Kindle device

Another way to add books to the Kindle app, is through your Kindle device. Books purchased on your Kindle device can be added to your Kindle app.

Go on your Kindle device, and press the ‘books’ option in the top row.


This opens up your Kindle book collection. Press the ‘store’ option in the top right to open the Kindle book store.


Search for the book you want using the search bar.


Find the book you want and press on it. Then, press the ‘buy now’ option to purchase the book.


Finally, open the Kindle app and go to your library. The book you just purchased should be there.


If the book isn’t there, try syncing your app with your Kindle account. You can do this by pressing the ‘more’ icon in the bottom right, and pressing ‘sync’.



In conclusion, whilst you cannot use the Kindle app to add or purchase books, there are other ways in which you can achieve this. These methods are open to everyone, even those without a Kindle device, and are easy to accomplish.

Despite one method requiring a Kindle device, the other method does not. Instead, it uses Amazon, which is available to all. You just need an Amazon account, which can be easily created. This allows non-Kindle users to make good use of the Kindle app.

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