Tinder says I have likes but no matches – Here’s why

You’ve spent an hour writing your 8-word profile bio. You asked your best mate to take vanity photos of you in a good light. You’ve finally got the perfect Tinder bio.

Soon, the Tinder likes will start rolling in, and with the likes, then come the matches. Right?

Well, typically yes, but sometimes the matches don’t always follow the likes on Tinder.

Here’s what to do if Tinder says you’re getting likes but no matches are coming with them.

Getting likes but no matches on tinder – The Main Reason

If you’re getting a lot of likes but no matches on Tinder, the most common reason for this is that the person that liked you is filtered out of your searches.

This is common when you have a narrow search radius when using Tinder. If you only allow Tinder to go 10 miles out from your location, then you’re not going to see people that like you from anywhere further than this.

That means that the majority of your likes are probably coming from people 10+ miles away, and as Tinder gives the ability to search up to 100 miles away from your location, it could be even further.

It could also be other filters that you have set up, like your age range. If you want more potential matches on Tinder, you may need to broaden your search to get a new match.

Check your location

In some cases, you may not even have your location visible to other users of the platform.

You can tell Tinder to hide your location by using the “Don’t Show My Location” option, which will hide your location from other users.

This can be extremely useful if you want more privacy. However, it can also lead to you getting a ton of likes from users that are many miles away from where you are.

These likes will then never turn into matches on Tinder, so having your location on can be one way to get past this.

Get Tinder Gold To See Your Likes

Maybe your Tinder notifications say you’ve got likes, but there’s no way to see who exactly liked you.

To avoid this, you could try out Tinder Gold, which gives you the ability to see who likes you on the Tinder platform.

When you purchase Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold, you’ll get a new panel that shows you the users that have liked you before you have to like them back.

If you haven’t started your free trial with Tinder yet and don’t want to spend money, you could use this to determine who has likes you, and whether they could be potential matches.

Restart your device

Though it’s usually to do with the Tinder algorithm, it could just be an issue with the dating app itself.

If you think that it may be a bug in Tinder as opposed to an actual like, you can go ahead and restart your device.

Usually, this will fix any issues you have with Tinder notifications not working, or phantom likes appearing in your account.

Then, you can get back to finding new matches on Tinder.

Super likes but no matches on Tinder

If you’ve received a super like from another Tinder user but when you go to check you can’t find it, there’s a good reason for this.

You can usually tell someone has super liked you as it’ll show up as a notification in the Tinder app.

It’s a pretty common occurrence since Tinder gave users the ability to retract their super likes and re-use them elsewhere.

This means that you can receive a super like on the platform, however the person that super liked you may take their super like back.

Unfortunately this is fairly common, as some users want to like as many people as they possibly can.

If this happens, there’s not much you can do but get back to swiping.


There may be times when Tinder says that you’ve got likes on the platform, only for these likes never to turn into matches.

The most common reason for this is that all of the people that liked you are outside of your range, so it could make sense to change your radius in your Tinder settings to see if you can get matches then.

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