Can you search for someone on Tinder?

Tinder is known for helping you to find a new love interest based in your location. But what about if you’re looking to find someone specific on the Tinder platform?

What is the easiest way to search through Tinder? We took a quick look to search through Tinder profiles and find whether this is possible on Tinder.

Can I Browse Tinder without joining?

Although Tinder offers many filters, there are actually no methods for searching through people on the platform manually.

The only search bar that Tinder has is for the people you’ve already matched with.

This is for people that have a lot of matches on the platform and need to get to someone they’re chatting to quickly.

You can’t use the app to search for people directly through the platform, which can get frustrating.

Honestly, it’s not easy to find someone on Tinder, and it’s probably for good reason as they’re trying to protect people’s privacy.

Though if you really must try and find someone on Tinder, these are the best ways you should do so.

Use filters

The only way you can really find people directly through the Tinder app is by using your Tinder search filters.

And for this, some knowledge of the person is already needed. If you know the person’s age, you can set your age range filter to close the this age to reduce your amount of matches.

Better yet, if you know where this person lives roughly, you can change your location using Tinder Passport and reduce the area you’re searching in to just a few miles.

If you have some knowledge of the person – say you’re searching for a friend – it can be possible to find your buddy on Tinder using this method.

Use Google Search Engine

One sneaky way that you may be able to find friends or users on the platform is to use Google Search bar to look for their Tinder profile.

The Tinder website is indexed in Google, and you can search through the pages on the website by using the Site: function, and then entering the name of your friend.


This is actually one of the only methods you can use to search for a Tinder account that actually works. You can use the first name or surname of the specific person you’re looking for.

You can also look at the person’s social media handles from Twitter and Instagram and put those into the Google search bar too, as often users of Tinder will have the same handle as the one they use on their social media account.

Third party tools

The final solution is to use third party apps to search for the person.

Some apps will allow you to enter in the name and age of the person you’re searching for.

The most well known of these is Swipebuster, which has since been rebranded into Cheaterbuster. It provides a Tinder profile search and up to date information.

These apps cost a small fee to perform the search for you, but they do make it easier for you to find someone on Tinder than the other methods that we’ve listed above.


While Tinder helps you meet people nearby, it makes searching for specific people extremely difficult.

It’s not possible to search someone’s personal profile within the Tinder platform unless they’re already matched with them, which makes their search function pretty useless.

There are some ways that you can go about finding a Tinder user, ranging from changing the filters to using a search engine like Google.

Though realistically, finding specific individuals in Tinder on Tinder is actually pretty difficult.

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