How to know if someone super liked you on Tinder?

Tinder is currently still pretty hot when it comes to apps on the dating scene, and a key reason for this is new features added to the app to keep it interested.

One of these features is a Super Likes, which allow users to really get the attention of another person they like within the Tinder app.

What are Tinder Super Likes?

Super liking is effectively another level above a regular like.

You can super like someone if you want to show a little more intent than a standard like.

The other person’s profile will be able to see the super like pretty clearly, as there’s a super like notification telling them that they’ve received it.

You can tell if you’ve been super liked by looking for the bright blue star icon that will appear next to the person’s profile photo.

You can then go ahead and like the person back if you want to create an immediate match with them. Or, you can swipe left and keep on scrolling if you want to avoid their super like.

So if someone has super liked you on Tinder, you’ll see a star icon with a blue outline – it’s an indication that this user is extremely interested in you!

How can I get super likes?

In the past, free Tinder users were given access to super likes on a regular basis.

However, now free Tinder users don’t get access to super likes. This means you can only get super likes if you sign up for a premium subscription like Tinder Gold or Tinder Platinum.

This will give you 5 super likes to use each week. Plus, you have the ability to buy more super likes if you want to send more than five.

When will my super likes refill?

Super likes used to refill on a daily basis, but that was back when they were given out once per day.

Now that they’re given out on a weekly basis, your super likes will refill once per week, usually at the end of your weekend.

So if you’ve already used all of your super likes up, just wait for the next week to start to get them refilled.

Can’t find your super likes

There may be some situations where you can’t find out who super liked your account, even when you’re swiping through your matches.

Remember that the super like may not be right at the top of your profile card stack, though it’s usually within a few swipes.

If you can’t see the super like when scrolling through, there’s a chance that the super like has been taken back using the Rewind feature.

This super like may have been sent accidentally, so you may get the notification of a super like, only to find out that it’s been taken back after. Savage.

There’s also a chance that they may have instantly deleted their profile. Though, users stay active when an account is deleted, so this is pretty unlikely.


In conclusion, Tinder offers a solid service when it comes to dating, and although it can be competitive, there are plenty of ways you can get ahead of the other users.

One of these ways is to use super likes to get the attention of another users of the platform – this will be sent to their profile immediately, so you’ll be able to skip the queue of swiping matches and get ahead.

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