Is there a dating app for under 18?

A taboo topic for good reason, dating apps for teens are few and far between.

There are too many concerns for major dating apps to allow users that are underage to join their platform, with safety concerns being the biggest issue.

This means that apps like Bumble and Tinder are very strict when it comes to underage users. If a user is thought to be underage, they’ll be immediately banned on the platform.

But it does beg the question – how can teens meet up with other teens? This is where dating apps for teens come into the picture.

Is there a dating app for teenagers?

The short answer to this is no. But the longer answer is kind of yes, but there probably shouldn’t be.

The legal ramifications of allowing minors onto their platform is enough to prevent almost all dating apps from doing so.

If a dating app does allow underage users onto the platform, they’re effectively playing with fire – it’s only a matter of time before a lawsuit comes their way.

Whilst it’s not explicitly illegal, it becomes illegal if these underage people start dating and find other users that are older than them via the platform.

Though young people can still find each other via other methods, if they do it via the platform then the dating app takes much of the blame.

So to avoid this, there’s typically a blanket ban on dating apps that users of any age can sign up for.

This can be a little confusing for some people, as apps like TikTok and Facebook allow users onto the platform at 13. And technically, they can easily find another teenager via these social media apps.

And, there are some platforms that try and skirt round the issue by unofficially labelling themselves as a dating app, whilst officially being a social media.

Unofficial teen dating apps

The are a few platforms that welcome younger users.

Not all of them are for dating specifically, but for “meeting new friends”. This includes;

  • MyLOL – The most well known official dating app for teens, MyLOL has been criticised as being full of grown men searching for children.
  • Yubo – Not a dating app and advertised as a social media, Yubo is a popular place for teens to meet up and chat.
  • Hot or Not – Another app that can be used by users that are 13-17 years old, Hot or Not has come under criticism for not having strict lines between underage users and adults.

We don’t recommend anyone use these platforms, as they’re not considered a safe space for minors.


In conclusion, although there aren’t many genuine dating apps for teens due to rules and regulations, some companies choose to ignore this.

If you’re thinking about signing up for a dating app whilst underage, there’s actually little point.

Most dating apps will eventually figure out that you’re not old enough and ban you from the platform.

Plus, you could end up getting other users of the platform banned or worse too. So, it’s a better idea to wait until you’re 18 to join a dating app.

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