Review – Is DateYou a scam?

DateYou is one of many different dating sites that has shot up in terms of popularity over the last few years. Though, not everyone is a big fan of the site.

In fact, if you take a look at the reviews of online, you’ll see that there’s many users that claim the site is fake. So, we took a closer look at the DateYou dating site.

Is a scam site?

We have to be very careful with wording, as no-one wants to end up in hot water merely for telling the truth.

However after using, it has to be said that there’s seemingly a lack of real users on the platform.

It is either overrun with bots, or worse, potentially a scam site. Problems arise when so many users on the platform aren’t real, and the app can no longer function properly.

Though with apps like Tinder or the POF Bots, many of the people are real, but there are some bots mixed in with them.

When using, it feels like there are many fake accounts (if not all of them).

For this reason, we advise that you think about using a different dating app if you want to take your romantic life seriously.

They are often scammers. And there was Beyond Ages here. Our mission has been making it possible for you to avoid paying too much attention to online dating sites.

DateYou Review: Results

Our overall opinion of DateYou is that you should avoid it and use another app instead. There are plenty of great DateYou alternatives, which include;






These are just some alternatives that would be a better choice than signing up for DateYou, as you’ll find genuine users on their platform.

Special Features on DateYou com

It’s a shame that DateYou isn’t the real deal, as it actually provides easy access features within its membership.

However many of them are extremely basic and adapted from other dating sites, though they’ve been given a new name to suit the platform.


One way that you can get the attention of another user of the platform is to send them a kiss. You can send these to interesting women and other users of the site.

Virtual gifts

Send your match an extra special treat like flowers, chocolates or something else. This is all virtual, so it’s essentially just a way to show you’re interested in someone on the platform.


You can pop up in another users chatbox by sending them a message on

However, sending messages also requires cash, with the promise of hot women on the platform.

Common Questions about

Is Date You safe?

Although you’re not going to get any date by using the, there’s no suggestion that you will get spam emails.

However, for many it’s a waste of time signing up to the service, as its main goal is to get you buying more credits on the platform.

Who is really signed up to

DateYou claims to have thousands of users on the platform that are genuinely looking for love.

Though, it’s possible that these aren’t real users, and no real meetings will ever happen.

Some dating sites similar to pay users to sign up to the platform and send messages to users.

This could be the case with DateYou, though there’s no way to confirm this as 100% true

How can you make contact on

DateYou provides an easy contact option within your profile that allows you to send messages to other people.

Unfortunately, these messages cost coins – or real money – to send. This can easily run up into the tens or hundreds of dollars/pounds, and the more women that message you, the more coins you need to by.

Conclusion – Is DateYou real?

Typically when a person sends you messages on a dating site, it is easy to determine whether the reply is genuine or not.

Though with, many of the replies seem semi-genuine, so it’s difficult to know whether they’re real or not.

In our opinion, there are many fake profiles on the DateYou app, which make it worth avoiding – there are plenty of better options out there anyway.

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