Is Christian Mingle free?

Christian Mingle is a simple dating site that helps Christian’s connect with one another.

The Christian Mingle app has more than 10 million users – it is an online dating website heavily focussed towards attracting and matching single people in search of long lasting relationships and eventually marriage.

Users that are fed up with other dating sites that where you need to flick through thousands of irrelevant profiles often find themselves at a specialist service like Christian Mingle. Though, many first wonder just how much the service costs.

Is Christian Mingle free?

The simple answer to the question is that yes, it is completely free to sign up to Christian Mingle. It’s full with Christian singles looking for other like minded folks that they can connect with.

You can browse profiles on Christian Mingle for free, which can give you a good idea of whether the platform is right for you and how Christian Mingle works.

However, there is a premium membership that you can upgrade to after using Christian Mingle for a while, and most of the features are reserved for this higher tier.

Christian Mingle Premium Features & Cost

Christian Mingle was created to be an incredibly affordable dating website aimed at single individuals seeking a faith based relationship.

The value is actually pretty good, and you can sign up for a premium membership for $20-30 dollars each month for the long term – not much of a price to pay to find someone for the rest of your life.

There are many features included with Christian Mingle Premium, including being able to message other users on the platform. The messaging feature is the most important part of signing up for a paid membership.

You can also use the Lookbook feature to anonymously browse through other profiles without notifying the other use.

You’ll also get read receipts enabled in your account so you can see when others have read your messages, as well as enhanced privacy options to keep your account secure.

You can use your eWallet, Paypal Wallet, Apple Payments or your credit card to pay for your Christian Mingle membership. But before doing this, so free users wonder if the platform has a free trial of their premium membership they can try first.

Does Christian Mingle have a free trial?

Christian Mingle allows anyone to sign up to the platform free of charge to check it out, which is a form of free trial in itself.

However, you are not allowed access to certain features with a free membership. On Chrisitan Mingle’s free trial you can sign up to view profiles and look for matches, but not use the premium features.

There is no free trial of the premium membership version of Christian Mingle. So, your best bet is to test the free version out as much as you can to determine whether you’d benefit from a paid membership.

Is Christian Mingle worth it? Our Recommendation Upfront

The truth is that if you’re looking for Christian singles in your area, Christian Mingle offers the best chance of finding the perfect match. It’s a good website for people who are seeking lifelong partners of faith.

Many Christian couples have found marriage or lasting relationships using this service. Christian Mingle allows Christian Men and Women to connect, upload photos, send messages, respond to messages and simply have an easy conversation.

Obviously, a relationship is never guaranteed, and with Christian Mingle this is no different. However, compared to many dating apps, Christian mingle has a much higher chance of finding a long term relationship with similar like minded folks.

So, if you’re looking to find someone, you can initiate conversations easily using this platform and start your new dating life – which hopefully ends pretty soon after using Christian Mingle’s service to find the perfect match.


Christian Mingle is an online dating website made specifically for Christians that are seeking Godly relationships.

It is unique in comparison to many other dating apps available today that’s objective is to get as many users as possible – Christian Mingle is happy to stay niche and unique.

Downloading the dating app is completely for free for now. However, if you want to send and receive messages with other Christian singles, you’ll need to sign up as a paid member of the platform.

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