How Christian Mingle works – Full Guide

When it comes to online dating, most users want to find someone that they have something in common with. Though it’s not a necessity for everyone to date those that share our faith , there’s nothing wrong with wanting to date other Christians.

After eHarmony was purchased, it has eventually turned into a dating site for all faiths, making it harder to find someone of a Christian faith. This is where apps like Christian Mingle step in.

How does Christian Mingle work?

This dating site primarily caters to Christians seeking a Christian partner. For many Christians, this of utmost importance.

And like most dating apps, Christian Mingle is a website that helps matching you with your criteria.

However, the biggest filter is applied at app level, meaning that you’ll immediately filter out any other religious beliefs or atheists when you join the platform.

So, Christian Mingle is unlike most popular dating apps because it’s strictly Christian.

Once you sign up to the platform, you’ll be invited to fill out your profile, giving details about you and your references.

You can let other users know whether you want kids in the near future, how often you attend church, specify your chosen age range, and other regular things that you’d expect on any dating site.

You can then add six profile photos to let people know what you look like.

Users may get in touch with other users of the platform to let them know they’re interested in chatting and potentially even meeting up.

Main Features of Christian Mingle

Actually CM is one of the simplest dating apps around, though it does have some cool features that are worth mentioning.

The app is completely free to browse, and you only need to sign up for a premium membership when you want to starting communicating with other users.

You’ll get sent an email every day with your matches on the site – this works in a similar way to every other dating app, and you’ll be able to match people manually within the app – you’ll be notified if someone matches you.

If you sign up for a premium membership, you’ll also get access to the Spotlight feature, which will push your Christian Mingle profile into the feed of other users and gain you more visibility.

You can hide your status when you upgrade your subscription too, so if you do find someone you’d like a serious relationship with, it’s easy to take yourself off of the market.

Who is Christian Mingle for?

As you’d expect, there’s a big Christian community on the platform and networking with others is fun in itself.

You can browse through millions of other users based on your preferences until you find someone suited to you.

It’s a faith based dating site for both men and women, aimed to make the process of finding like minded Christian individuals that little bit easier.

Does Christian Mingle allow same sex relationships?

Originally, Christian Mingle only allowed members of the opposite sex to meet up via the platform – it’s a strictly religious platform.

However, after a lawsuit in 2016, the app now allows users of the same sex to find a relationship, and you can choose your sexual orientation within the settings of the app.

Though there are millions of members of Christian Mingle, it’s still not the most popular app for gay dating.

However, it does now allow same sex relationships and it does have a small user base of Christians interested in dating their own sex on the platform.


Christian Mingle is an online dating for Christian people who are seeking to connect with other believers.

Historically, Christian singles searching for love may have a difficult time finding the right person for them.

Fortunately, online dating services like Christian Mingle are helping people find other Christians to romance.

You do not have to meet someone within the church directly to determine their beliefs, as everyone on the platform will also be Christian.

Christian Mingle is an online dating application is worth using if you’re strictly interested in Christian dating only, and the faith based dating site is still fairly popular with users too.

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