Best Volume Booster App for Android phones

In a world of Airpods and wireless headphones, most phone manufacturers aren’t particularly concerned with the quality of speakers the phone has nowadays. Many smartphones have poor quality speakers, or in some cases a bad audio output via the headphones too.

This is when a speaker or audio booster can be extremely useful for Android phones. Though, only some apps actually improve the sound quality of your speakers or headphones – here’s our favourite options.

Volume Booster GOODEV

This is the best volume booster app for android devices you can currently find, and one of the only ones that does what it says it’ll do.

It’s a super high volume booster that shouldn’t experience distortion, but you might want to use lower than maximum if you want a better sound quality.

You’ll get warnings when you increase the system volume level past the maximum threshold the speakers can handle.

This app provides a good listening experience, even though it’s primarily a music amplifier used to boost sound. It can also be used with movies, Youtube videos and audio books too.

If you have some songs that just won’t play at a high enough volume, then we advise you check this Volume Booster app out at the Google Play store immediately.

Volume Booster Pro by Music Hero

If you’re looking for a volume booster app that actually works, you’ll want to check out Volume Booster Pro.

The app is extremely simple to use, and to be quite honest, there’s not much to it. However, what it does do is actually help you boost the volume of your Android device, which is more than some other apps do.

It can boost the sound when you’re playing music streaming services through the device, but it also works well for boosting sound in phone calls too. If you want a sound amplifier that works when making calls, this may be the perfect fit.

So if you want an easy way to increase your phone volume when you play music or perform other operations, have a look at Volume Booster pro by Music Hero.

Precise Volume (+ EQ/Booster)

As Android users demand a higher volume, there are several audio volume booster apps launching that will increase your smartphone’s sound output. One of these is Precise Volume.

The app gives you the ability to apply certain presets when your headphones are connected to the device too.

This is definitely necessary if you want to switch volumes and are often connecting and disconnecting headphones, as using presets ensures you never get any loud surprises.

Along with being able to boost your sound, you can also use the equalizer in Precise Volume to adjust your bass or use the sound amplifier to customise the sound to your liking.

Optimising volume with an application is one of the main things users are looking for, and the app can boost volume on your Android phone well. So, it’s another solid volume booster app that we can recommend.

Common Questions about Volume booster apps

Is there a volume booster for Android that actually works?

Unfortunately there are a lot of Android volume booster apps that don’t work as well as they should, and some of them don’t work at all. The apps we’ve mentioned have been tried and tested to work as they should, so you’ll be fine downloading them to your Android device.

How can I increase my Android volume?

The easiest way to increase the volume on your Android device is by downloading a volume booster app that can help you to make your volume louder. They can also be used to adjust sound between different apps, which can be useful if you want to have some apps play sounds loudly and some apps more quiet.

Are volume booster apps safe?

If you’re wondering whether a volume booster app can damage your internal speakers, then the good news is that you’ll probably be absolutely fine. The applications increase volume significantly but not the same way that Bluetooth speakers can, so they are still limited to a certain extent, and they won’t boost volume beyond a certain amount.


For some smartphones, the audio quality may be low but most users aren’t particularly bothered, as speaker quality isn’t a priority.

However, in some cases you can boost volume on your smartphone and get better performance by simply downloading the right volume booster app for you Android device. You can also download the best music sync app, which can help you play the same song across multiple devices.

Hopefully our list of the best options is useful in helping you make that decision.

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