Here’s the best tethering apps for iPhone users

When it comes to using your phone’s internet connection on another device, there’s a few ways you can do this.

This allows you to share your iPhone’s internet connection with any other devices in your household. There are different forms of tethering, like Bluetooth tethering and Wifi tethering too.

Why is a tethering app useful?

To people in some countries, the idea of a tethering app for iPhone may seem pretty confusing.

Essentially, tethering involves giving you the ability to share a network with different computers and devices – this includes computer software, other gadgets and even other smartphones.

But why would I need this if I can use my personal hotspot anyway? Well, the issue may appear strange, but it may be illegal to collect packet information from an internet connection.

Plus, there are often limits on the amount of hotspot data you can share. This means that when you get to a certain amount of data shared (often 20GB or 30GB), you’ll no longer be able to share Wifi hotspot tethering with the other device.

This is why free wireless tethering applications on the iPhone can be extremely useful – they allow the Internet to be shared without any issues regarding legality or amount.

To use these apps and get an effective internet connection, you will need to jailbreak iPhone devices – this will result in your warranty being voided, so it’s up to use whether you decide this is worth it.

Using their assistance, individuals are able to share hotspot data continuously. If this sounds like what you’re looking for, here are some of the best tethering apps on iOS.

My Wifi

My Wifi is a quick software tool to share the internet connections between various smartphones and desktop PCs. It allows for fast and reliable transmission speeds whensharing.

It is a free app that you can download on your iOS phone through Cydia, all that is needed is a personal account.

The disadvantages include requiring installation of a different application on computers and a Mac if you want to share Wi-Fi hotspot between those two devices.

The software offers three full operating modes: USB, WiFi and Bluetooth. The application has an attractive and simple interface that allows for easy use.

It’s a good choice if you’re searching for an iPhone tethering app that has an intuitive user interface and is easy enough to use.


The mobile phone tethering app is adapted to the popular smartphone tethering application, PCNANET +,

You can use it when you download Cydia for the iPhone, and ithen use it for its WiFi connectivity. Obviously the application is created in a third party application, but it works well for sharing internet access to another mobile device.

There are two wireless tethers available when you’re in iPhone mode: WiFi and USB. Use of USB mode requires the installation of desktop apps on your computer.

This app has relatively weak protections, but is still considered to be safe and effective.


One one of the best free and reliable tethering apps is Tetherme app, which provides an impressive performance.

Some have said carriers can now detect these apps’ activities while others have claimed they have found this technique to be helpful and that they rely on carriers only.

The app’s functionality and stability make it definitely make it worth downloading onto your device.

It supports wireless LAN and wireless data transfer via Bluetooth or USB. Like the above applications, this requires a download software onto the laptop or device you want to share internet connection with.

Overall, this app is very user-friendly and definitely worth a go if you want to try free USB tethering without having a ton of prior knowledge.

Common Questions about iPhone tethering apps

Is there a tether app for iPhone?

Generally tethering apps for iPhone are rare, as many of the best tethering apps are designed for Android devices. However, as you can see from the list above, there are some exceptions to this rule.

How do I set up a tethering app?

All you need to do to use one of the tethering apps above is download them to your device, which gives you the opportunity to then open the app – the setup process is generally pretty straightforward.

How do I use tethering?

You can use a tethering app for iPhone mobile devices by simply downloading the app to your phone and connecting it to your other devices.

What tethering apps are there for Android devices?

If you have an Android device that you can use, you don’t need to worry about jailbreaking your iPhone. The best tethering apps for Android devices are FoxFi and PadNet+ – you don’t need to worry about rooting your Android to use these apps either.


Tethering could sound technical when first heard, but realistically this just refers to connecting two devices together. This allows you to connect your mobile phones, laptop, PCs and other electronic products together using an internet connection.

In some countries, it may seem weird to use mobile tethering for tying your laptop and phone together. However, it’s an essential for some users.

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