acquires InstantApp.Today, the Self Quantified Instant App

The quantified self movement refers to using tracking technology like smartwatches and applications to determine exactly how we spend our time.

The overall goal of self-tracking tools is to improve health, both mental and physical. They are also sometimes referred to as body-hacking or self surveillance tools.

Many different productivity apps exist for self improvement and time management. One of the biggest apps in the self quantified space was Instant or InstantApp, which automatically tracks your app usage.

It also had sleep and fitness tracking features too. Instant was focussed around helping users to increase their productivity, which is also a goal for us here at Apps UK.

The app was available to both Android and iPhone users, and we specialise in helping users find the best apps for their iOS or Android smartphone. For this reason, we acquired InstantApp.Today in December 2022 and have integrated its content into our website.

Unfortunately, the Instant app was closed down in recent years and is no longer available from the Google Play Store or App Store. Some alternative posts you may find useful are;

With tech addiction becoming more common in recent years, there’s no surprise that more people are looking towards self tracking apps to help them manage their time.

Hopefully you’re able to find a replacement for Instant, as there are plenty of productivity and tracking apps still available for download.

Alex, CEO @ Apps UK

By day he's an engineer and by night (well, evening or very early morning but night sounds way cooler) Alex runs the Apps UK ship. He has a keen interest in language, fitness & especially social media - he is always on the lookout for the next hot platform.

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