Best GTD app for Getting Things Done

When you have a busy life with lots of responsibilities, or have difficulty getting motivated; you may wish for a way to easily manage and organise your tasks.

It can be difficult to keep track of all your tasks, which can affect your ability or motivation to complete them.

A GTD (aka Getting Things Done) app can help you monitor and organise your tasks, as well as motivate you to complete them.

These apps utilise the GTD task management system, which is based on allowing people to focus on the right tasks at the right time. We’ll go through three of the rop GTD apps in this article.

Best GTD apps – Our favourite options

#3 – Weekdone

Free for up to 3 users.

Price for 4+ users: $4.20 – $10.80/month per user (+ 14-day free trial) – price varies depending on team size.

For more information on their prices, go to

You must login, or sign-up with a phone number and email, to use the app.


Weekdone is a GTD app targeted towards teams of people. You can still use the app as a solo member, but the app is specialised for group work. The app helps organise and plan project completions.

The app uses a hierarchy system, which can act as the basis for a management structure. It makes managing projects much easier, and the app offers many collaboration features that are designed specifically to help you prioritise tasks.

You can track track quarterly goals, plan weekly tasks, and easily connect with your team members. You can view all your plans and task progress in the newsfeed section.

You can also offer feedback on different tasks, or post updates to ensure that everyone’s on the same page. This makes communication between team members simple and quick to achieve.

You can set reminders or deadlines for tasks, and highlight tasks according to their priority level. You can also privatise certain items in case you wish to keep the plan to yourself.

Overall, Weekdone is a great app for tracking and planning team work, or project plans. You can easily communicate with your team, and monitor and organise everyone’s tasks.

#2 – Awesome Pomodoro Simple Timer


Awesome Pomodoro is completely free to download and use. There’s no requirement for logging in or registering either.

The Pomodoro technique is a well known productivity method that can be used to get your active tasks done as fast as possible.


Awesome Pomodoro is a free GTD app, which is based around completing tasks one at a time. It mainly functions as a timer, and times you on individual tasks.

There is no pressure to complete a task all at once. The app simply tries to motivate you into starting or working on an individual task for a certain amount of time. You can easily switch between tasks, and the timer will continue to run.

There will also be break timers that appear after the work timers run out, which create a basic work schedule overall.

The default work timer is 25 minutes, and after every 25 minutes is a 5 minute break. This cycle repeats four times before starting a 15 minute break (a long break).

You can reset the timer, stop and start the timer, and skip timers. You can also edit the timer lengths in the settings.

You can change the work time length, the break time length, the long break time length, and the interval amount. The interval amount refers to how many cycles will be repeated before a long break is initiated.

Overall, Awesome Pomodoro is a great simple app for timing tasks, and creating a work schedule. The app is specialised for giving users an easy way to make, and follow, a work schedule.

It’s also good for motivating users to stay on task, and focus on completing tasks one at a time.

#1 – Google Tasks


Google tasks is completely free to download and use. You only need a google account to use the app.


Google Tasks is a simple app for managing and organising tasks. You can create lists, and add tasks to them. The lists are created as different tabs, which allows users to easily switch between lists.


You can create tasks, add task details, set deadlines or reminders, and add subtasks. Adding subtasks can help break a task down into smaller objectives. This can help organise the task, and motivate users to complete them.

Tasks will automatically be ordered according to their due data. You can reorganise the task order using drag-and-drop.

Google Tasks can also be accessed online, so you can access the service across different devices at any time. You can use Google Tasks in Gmail or Google Calendar as well.

Overall, Google Tasks is a simple free GTD app. You can easily organise tasks on the app, and break tasks down into details and subtasks. You can also access the service online, so you’ll be able to access and edit your tasks across different devices.


In conclusion, there are quite a few GTD apps available to download for free. Most are free to use, but some require a subscription to use without limits.

Nonetheless, there are still some free GTD apps that function well. They can be used to organise and manage tasks, such as include Google Tasks. Combining them with a habit tracking app can increase your productivity.

Some apps are more geared towards team projects, and offer a variety of features that support team management and communication. Weekdone is an example of such as app, and it’s free for up to three users.

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