iMessage voice message not working

Typing lengthy messages on your iPhone can take ages, which is why sending an audio message has become a popular alternative.

Simply tapping the voice message button will give you the ability to record long voice notes. However, there may be some times where your voice message feature may not be working as it should.

If you can’t send voice messages on iPhone, there’s probably a few things that you can do to resolve the issue and get your voice messages app working again.

iMessage voice message not working

If you’re having issues with the voice message feature not working with iMessage, there’s typically a few different reasons why this may be the case.

We’re going to run through the four main reasons why you may find iMessage voice message not working on your iPhone.

Voice Message Feature is disabled

The main reason why your voice message may not be working on your iPhone is that the featured is disabled.

And as you might expect, if the feature is disabled on your device, then you won’t be able to use the voice message function.

Fortunately, you can solve this by going into your iPhone Settings and then selecting Messages. Here, you can ensure voice message is enabled.

A temporary software error

There’s a chance that a temporary error on your iPhone is the reason why you cannot send voice messages to other people.

This is a pretty common issue with iPhones, and from time to time you may experience this kind of glitch.

The best thing that you can do if you think that a software error is causing problems on your iPhone is to simply restart your device.

Update your software

As above, if there’s a technical error with your iPhone that is causing the issue, you could look at updating your software.

This will go one step further than simply restarting your device, and ensure that there’s no bug causing your issue.

You can make your iPhone update by going into the Settings of your iPhone and checking if there’s an update to install.

Turn the Sound Recognition Feature off

Although the sound recognition feature can be useful for iPhones, there may be times where it can actually stop the device from functioning properly.

One of these instances is when you are using your voice message. If you have this feature enabled, it may stop you from being able to use audio messages.

So, you can easily go into your Settings and then into Accessibility where you’ll find the Sound Recognition option – disable this and see if it resolves your problem.

Common Questions about iMessage

Why do voice messages disappear on iMessages?

iMessages will disappear after several minutes if the message is not saved to your device by tapping Keep. By default, you will experience automatic disappearance of voice and text messages within two minutes.

How can I keep voice messages on iPhone?

Apple has previously stated that phones don’t need to keep audio and/or voice messages for more than 2 – 3 minutes. You can change this within your iOS settings for audio & video messages that can be sent via iMessage. Go to Settings, then Messages, and then Audio Messages. Here, you can set your phone to keep voice messages instead of removing them.

Why can’t I hear my audio messages on iMessage?

The voice messages in your iMessage are sent and you should be able to listen to them either directly via your iPhone or through your Airpods. If they don’t work, the most likely reason for this is that your speakerphones are deactivated – this is from a tiny speaker icon beside the message that can be seen.

Why does my iPhone turn off when I listen to voice messages?

If when someone calls or reads a message, your iPhone shuts off, this is usually because of a proximity sensor. When a person puts their phones to the ears to listen to a voice message, their iPhone screen will automatically shut down while the voice message continues to play. A proximity sensor is activated that may cause your device to turn off.


Standard messaging on the iPhone supports voice messaging services for users. It’s an impressive feature, but it might not always work as it should.

We’ve discussed why iMessage voice messages aren’t responding properly, and why it could cause the iMessage feature to no longer function with the iPhone – this could stop iMessage working with one person or all of your contacts.

Hopefully, this will enable you to fix voice messages so you can get back to sending an audio message to your friends.

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