How to unhide apps on iPhone

There are numerous ways in which apps can go missing from the home screen – you may have deleted them, or just accidentally hid them whilst you were doing some iOS spring cleaning.

It is possible to that hidden app icons have been moved from your home screen layout, but they’ll still be visible in your app library, so it’s not too difficult for you to get them back.

Let’s talk about finding and hiding apps. We’re going to take a quick look at how you can unhide apps on iPhone so you can get them back on your home screen.

How to Unhide Apps on iPhone (Simple Ways to Get Them Back)

If you want to get your apps back onto the Home screen of your iPhone, you can do this by going to your apps library.

You need to open your app library – you can access your device’s app library by swiping to the right on your home screen.

After doing this, you can simply search for the app you want on your home screen, and then drag it onto your device’s desktop.

If you are trying to unhide apps from your iPhone, this is the best way that you can do so.

Have you deleted the hidden apps on iPhone?

If you find that the app is not in your app library, there’s a strong chance that you’ve actually deleted the app from your device completely.

The good news is that you can head straight back into the App store to re-download the same apps that you’ve used previously. You can use the search bar to look to find hidden apps that have been deleted.

They should be there to re-download – this will be the case for both free and purchased apps that you’ve used in the past. You can also look through your purchase history if you want another way to find these apps that you’ve previously downloaded.

You can then just tap the download button to go ahead with re-downloading them onto your device. You’ll then be able to access the apps on your iPhone home screen.

Can you Unhide All Apps at Once?

Unfortunately, you cannot unhide all of your apps at once on iPhones, though they can be difficult to find.

If the application is not found on the Home screen, you need to manually go and get it from the App Library and drag it onto the Home screen layout yourself.

It’s currently not possible to get all of your hidden apps back on iOS, though maybe it’ll be added to a later update.


In conclusion, there are several methods for how to get your hidden apps back onto the Home screen of your iPhone, or even on your iPad as the process is very similar.

Once you’ve done this, you can then re-use the app again. Obviously, the app needs to be downloaded beforehand, otherwise you’ll need to revisit the App Store and download the app once more.

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