How to see missed calls from blocked numbers on Android

All of us decide that we want to block some numbers on our phone from time-to-time.

Usually, we block numbers that are relevant to us – spammers or irrelevant calls from blocked numbers often get an immediate block.

These blocks result in unresolved calls and messages, while eliminating the user reaching you completely. However, many users wonder how blocking numbers is displayed on an Android device.

We’re going to look at whether you can see missed calls from blocked numbers on Android phones.

Can you see Missed Calls From Blocked Numbers on Android?

If you block numbers on Android, will you still see missed calls from that same number? The correct answer is that no, you shouldn’t be able to – if you’ve blocked the number properly.

When you block a number, the Android phone should send them straight to voicemail – this is the best way to tell if someone has blocked you on an Android device. And, you’ll no longer see this number in your missed call log.

This is the case on most modern Android phones. However, on some older models of Android device – specifically Samsung Galaxy phones – the number may appear in what is called a Blocklist.

This is where you’ll get a notification on your home screen saying that the person on your Blocklist has tried to call you – you can get rid of this by using the three vertical dots on the top corner of your Android display.

In most cases though, after you’ve blocked the number on your phone, it should be gone from the telephone log. Although blocked calls don’t appear in the phone log, they may remain visible depending on the method you’ve used to block the number.

With older models of Android phone, blocking the numbers on android still allowed for them to send you text messages. However, on most modern phones both incoming calls and messages will be stopped when you block a number.

What does the other user hear when they call my Android phone whilst blocked?

Again, this depends on whether the calls from blocked numbers are blocked directly with your phone service provider or whether you’ve blocked them on your Android phone.

If you’ve blocked them on your device, then they’ll head straight to answer phone. This is the best way to tell if you’ve been blocked by someone else, as your phone will continually go through to voicemail when you make a call.

However, if they’re blocked directly with your phone service provider then they may not be able to make the call at all, and they won’t even make it through to voicemail.

In this case, the phone will ring on their end, but you won’t receive the call at all, and it won’t even appear in your call log when you view missed calls.

Can you find out who called you from a blocked number?

A common question is whether you can find out who called you and whether they’re a blocked contact. You may select to hide blocked calls on your device, but the truth is your network may have access to this number.

Though there’s no guarantees, there is a chance that your service provider has registered the call, so it may be worth checking your contract statement to see the ingoing and outgoing calls.


Obviously, all of us want to avoid as many spam calls as we can. However, it likely still happens occasionally, and the best way to deal with this is by using the blocking feature on your mobile phone.

Using this can filter out all of the unnecessary call messages that you won’t receive on your device. Knowing how you can both add and remove blocked contacts from your Android phone lists is one of the best ways to ensure that you don’t have to deal with annoying calls.

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