How to gift Discord Nitro on Mobile & Desktop (Guide)

Discord offers a variety of features, from screen-sharing and voice-calls to roles and custom emotes. One of Discord’s newer features is Nitro gifts.

Nitro is a subscription service on Discord, which allows access to custom emotes from all servers.

You also get access to Nitro stickers, animated avatars, and a custom number tag. Nitro also offers better bandwidth and file-sharing optimisation. You can pay £8.99 per month for Nitro, or £89.99 per year.

Nitro gifts are when you gift Nitro subscriptions to other Discord users. These come in the form of redeemable Nitro codes. You can pay for a one-time Nitro subscription, and gift it to someone else. The subscription won’t automatically renew itself. You can gift both monthly and yearly Nitro subscriptions.

Gifting a Nitro subscription can help someone else experience the perks of the membership without having to pay for it. Perhaps they can’t afford it, or wish to experience it before making the purchase. If you can afford to gift a Nitro membership, try helping a friend out with a Nitro Gift.

How to gift Discord Nitro

You can gift Nitro subscriptions on both Desktop and Mobile. Be careful when gifting Nitro subscriptions.

After you’ve gifted a Nitro membership to someone else, you can’t take it back once they’ve claimed it.

If you’re wary about the process, try starting with a small Nitro gift by gifting a monthly subscription as opposed to a yearly one. A monthly Nitro subscription is much cheaper than a yearly subscription.

You have the option to opt for Nitro or gift Nitro Classic instead – Classic may be the better option for those that don’t need extensive features. We’ll first cover how to gift Nitro on Desktop.

For Desktop

First of all, open the Discord application. Or, you can access Discord through their website. Log into your Discord account, and click on the gear icon.

This should be located beside your username in the lower left. This will open up Discord’s user settings. In the left side tab, look under the section for payment settings. Select the ‘Discord Nitro’ option to open up the Nitro settings.


Select the ‘gift’ option. This will cause another window to pop up. Select the type of membership you wish to gift.

You can choose either the monthly subscription or the yearly subscription. Once you’re finished choosing, click ‘select’ to move on.


Next, choose a payment method. You can pay using PayPal or a credit/debit card. When you’re finished filling in your payment details, click ‘buy gift’ to finalise the purchase. When the transaction has processed, you should receive a link.

You can share this link with another Discord user to gift them the Nitro subscription. They can claim the Nitro gift by clicking on the link.

For Mobile

Open the Discord app, and press the three lines in the top left. This will open up the left side tab.

Press on your profile picture in the bottom right to open up your user settings. Scroll down until you find the section for Nitro Settings. Select the ‘nitro gifting’ option to open the Nitro settings.


Choose whether to gift a Nitro subscription or a Nitro Classic subscription. Then, select either the monthly subscription or the yearly subscription.

Once you’ve selected a subscription, choose a payment method. When you’re done filling in your payment details, confirm the transaction.

After the transaction has been processed, you will receive a link. Send the link to another Discord member to gift them the Nitro subscription. They can redeem the gift by clicking on the link.

How to redeem Nitro Gifts

You can redeem Nitro gifts by opening up Discord. Log into the Discord account you received the gift on. Find the link that’s been sent to you and click on it.

Then, select ‘accept’ to claim the Nitro gift. If the Nitro gift link was sent to you via another messaging platform, click the link to be taken to Discord.

If the Nitro gift has previously been claimed, the option for ‘accept’ should be greyed out. The gift can only be claimed once for both monthly and yearly subscriptions.

How to manage Nitro Gifts

You can manage your Nitro gifts through the Discord settings. Open up the Discord client and go to the user settings. You can access the user settings by clicking on the gear icon in the lower left.

Or, if you’re on Mobile, press the three lines in the top left. Then, select your profile icon in the lower right.

Once you’ve opened the user settings, select the ‘gift inventory’ option. Enter the code in the input box to redeem a Nitro Gift.


In conclusion, you can gift Nitro through either the Discord app or the Discord website. You can gift Nitro on both Desktop and Mobile devices. In the Nitro Settings, you can choose a type of Nitro membership to gift. You can choose either a monthly or yearly membership.

After choosing a membership, you’ll have to pay for it. You will receive a link once the payment has been processed. Send the link to someone else to gift them the Nitro membership. This will be a one-time subscription, which won’t automatically renew.

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