How old is my Discord account? – Here’s how to find out

In order to Discord, you must first create a Discord account. You’ll have to choose a username, email, password, and date of birth during the account creation.

Discord has a very large following, and subsequently a large amount of users. Therefore, there can be quite a few bots amidst the real Discord users. This is where finding a Discord account creation date can come in handy.

How old is my Discord account?

It can be difficult to discern whether a user is a bot or a real person at times. One method for discovering whether a Discord user is a bot is by finding out the age of the Discord account.

You could also check another account’s age to see when the account was created for curiosity’s sake.

You can also check your own Discord account’s age in case you’re ever curious about how old your account is.

We’ll be discussing how you can discover the age of a Discord account in this article. We’ll be mainly focusing on how you can find the age of your own Discord account.

In order to find out how old your Discord account is, you must first make sure that your account has Developer mode enabled.

You must also make sure that your account has Streamer mode disabled. We’ll now go through how you can achieve each of these things.

How to enable Developer Mode

Launch the Discord client, and select the gear icon to open the user settings. The gear icon should be located in the bottom left.

Once you’ve opened the user settings, scroll down on the left side tab. Click on the ‘advanced’ option.

Toggle the switch for Developer Mode to enable it. If the switch is green, Developer Mode has been enabled. Check this article out if you want a full guide on how to turn on Discord developer mode.

How to disable Streamer Mode

In order to disable Streamer Mode, launch the Discord client. Open the user settings by clicking the gear icon.

Scroll down on the left side tab until you see the option for ‘Streamer Mode’. Click on it to open the Streamer Mode settings.

If the switch for Streamer Mode is green, click on the switch to disable it. If the switch is grey, Streamer Mode has been disabled.

How to check Discord account age

In order to find out your Discord account’s age, you must first copy your Discord Account ID. If you wish to find the age of someone’s account, copy their Discord ID instead.

To find your Discord ID, right-click on your username in the right side tab. A set of option should then appear. Click ‘copy ID’ to copy your Discord ID.

Once you’ve copied your Discord ID, go to Paste the ID in the input box.

Once you’ve finished pasting the ID, click ‘lookup’. You will be prompted to do a captcha to verify whether you’re human.

Click ‘press to start’ to begin the process. Once the captcha has finished verifying you’re human, it will show you your account details. It should tell you the user ID, the username, the badges, and when the account was created.

You can calculate the account age by looking at the creation date. The website will also tell you if the account is a bot.

What should you do after you’ve joined Discord?

Discord is a popular messaging platform for group chats of any size. The platform is especially well-used amongst large communities, such as the gaming community and various fandoms. Discord is a great place for communicating with others that share the same interests as you.

You can easily join different servers by clicking their invite links (you can sometimes join a Discord server without an invite too!). Many Discord servers like to provide invite links to the public using their website or social media platforms.

Discord can even have servers with over 100,000 members, and offers features that help moderate groups of such size. Such features include role-assignments and bots.

You can assign roles to certain members to give them higher-level permissions. These permissions can allow them to moderate the other members, and even ban if necessary.

Discord bots can help automate invites and other useful information to each member. This saves users from having to personally respond or send out messages to the large amount of members.

Discord has a large range of features available in general, such as messaging, voice-chatting, screen-sharing, custom/animated emojis, media-sharing, and much more. There are options for customisation, communication, and organisation.


In conclusion, you can easily discover a Discord account’s age by using the website

You simply need to paste an account’s ID on the website, and it will tell you when the account was created. This will allow you to see the Discord account creation date.

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