How to Get Top Rated Plus on eBay

Selling on eBay has long been a popular choice for individuals and businesses aiming to reach a wide and global market.

Among the myriad of metrics and standards that eBay uses to rank its sellers, one of the most coveted distinctions is the “Top Rated Plus” seal. But what is it, and how does one achieve this elite status?

In this article, we delve deep into understanding how to get Top Rated Plus on eBay, the advantages it offers, and the best practices to maintain it.

Understanding the Significance of Top Rated Plus

Before we explore the “how”, it’s essential to understand the “why”. Why should you aim for the Top Rated Plus distinction? And what does it mean for your eBay store?

  1. Enhanced Visibility: With the Top Rated Plus seal, your listings get a boost in eBay’s Best Match search results. This can significantly increase your visibility to potential buyers.
  2. Buyer Trust: The seal acts as a badge of reliability and trustworthiness, assuring potential buyers that you are a credible seller who meets and exceeds eBay’s highest service standards.
  3. Discounted Fees: As a token of appreciation for maintaining high service standards, eBay offers fee discounts to Top Rated Plus sellers.

Eligibility Criteria for Top Rated Plus

Achieving Top Rated Plus status isn’t a mere walk in the park. eBay has set specific eligibility requirements to ensure only the best of its sellers receive this badge.

  1. Sales and Transaction Count: You must have at least 100 transactions and a minimum of $1,000 in sales over the past 12 months with US buyers.
  2. Handling Time: Offer a same-day or 1-business-day handling time on the majority of your listings.
  3. Tracking: Upload tracking details within your stated handling time for 95% or more of your transactions.
  4. Returns: Offer a 30-day (or longer) return policy.
  5. Maintain Low Defect Rate: Ensure that no more than 0.5% of your transactions have one or more transaction-related defects.

Best Practices on How to Get Top Rated Plus on eBay

So, now that you’re aware of the requirements, how do you ensure that you consistently meet them to achieve and maintain the coveted status?

  1. Dedicate Time for Customer Service: Always be prompt in replying to customer inquiries. Address their concerns, provide solutions, and ensure their buying experience is smooth.
  2. Stock Up and Deliver On Time: Regularly update your inventory. Ensure you have adequate stock to meet the demand and avoid late shipments.
  3. Stay Updated with eBay’s Policies: eBay often updates its seller policies. Regularly reviewing these can help you stay compliant.
  4. Seek Feedback and Reviews: After each successful transaction, encourage buyers to leave positive feedback and reviews. Not only does this build trust for future buyers, but it also increases your store’s credibility in the eyes of eBay’s algorithms.

The Challenges and How to Overcome Them

While aiming for Top Rated Plus status, sellers might encounter challenges. Here are some common hurdles and how to address them:

  • Negative Feedback: Occasionally, you might receive negative feedback. Address the issue, communicate with the buyer, and see if there’s a solution that can turn their experience around.
  • Stock Shortages: Use inventory management tools to ensure you’re always stocked up and can meet buyer demands without delay.
  • Meeting the Sales Threshold: For newer sellers, meeting the sales threshold can be challenging. Consider marketing tactics like discounts or bundling to attract more buyers.


Achieving how to get Top Rated Plus on eBay isn’t just about meeting the technical criteria set by eBay. It’s about building and maintaining a reputation of trust, reliability, and excellent service.

By following the guidelines and best practices outlined in this article, not only will you be on your way to gaining this prestigious distinction, but you’ll also be establishing a solid foundation for long-term success on eBay.

Remember, it’s not just about the badge; it’s about the superior service and trustworthiness that badge represents.

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