How To Get Stronger Pokemon In Pokemon Go: Tips & Tricks You Should Know

Have you been trying to catch and evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Go but not having much luck?

That’s why we’ve put together this article – so you can learn how to get stronger pokemon in Pokemon Go faster.

Whether you’re a beginner or have been playing for years, by the end of this post you’ll have some great strategies up your sleeve.

Understanding Combat Power (CP) and Individual Values (IV) in Pokemon Go

If you’re an avid Pokemon Go player, then you’ve probably heard a lot about Combat Power (CP) and Individual Values (IV).

But what exactly are they? And why do they matter? Well, let’s start with CP.

This refers to the overall strength of a Pokemon in battle. The higher the CP, the stronger your Pokemon will be when facing off against other trainers’ Pokemon.

Meanwhile, IVs are hidden values that determine a Pokemon’s potential for growth.

These values range from 0-15 and affect various stats like attack, defense, and stamina.

The higher the IVs, the more powerful your Pokemon can become as it levels up.

So why is all this important? For one thing, knowing your Pokemon’s CP and IVs can help you strategize when battling in gyms or raids.

You’ll want to have strong combatants on your team with high CP scores so that you stand a chance against tougher opponents.

Additionally, having high IVs means that your Pokemon has better potential for growth – meaning it could ultimately become one of your strongest fighters.

Overall, understanding Combat Power and Individual Values might seem complicated at first glance but taking time to learn about them will definitely pay off in-game.

Catching High CP and High IV Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has been a fan favorite mobile game for almost five years now and catching high CP (combat power) and high IV (individual value) Pokemon is the ultimate goal of every player.

These two factors play a crucial role in determining how strong your Pokemon will be when battling in gyms or raiding with friends.

CP is an indicator of overall strength that determines how well your Pokemon can perform in battles. A higher CP means more health, attack power, and defense.

On the other hand, IV influences three main stats: attack, defense, and stamina; it ranges from 0 to 15 points for each stat.

If all three values are perfect at 15 points each, then you have a perfect IV Pokemon!

To catch these elusive creatures, players must use various strategies depending on their level or geographical location.

Players should focus on finding nests where rare Pokemon spawn frequently using trackers like PokeVision or PokeHuntr to help them locate them faster.

In conclusion, catching high CP and high IV Pokemon can be challenging but very rewarding once achieved as they make up some of the most powerful creatures available in the game.

With perseverance and smart gameplay tactics such as evolving only powerful ones with good movesets or using berries/ultra balls wisely during captures – players can easily catch coveted Pokemons quickly.

Effective Use of Stardust and Candy to Power Up Pokemon Go Characters

When it comes to powering up your Pokemon Go characters, the two most important resources you have are Stardust and Candy.

These resources help you level up your Pokemon, making them stronger and allowing them to take on more challenging opponents.

However, using these resources effectively can be challenging. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your Stardust and Candy.

First off, when deciding which Pokemon to power up with Stardust and Candy, focus on those that will help you in battles and raids.

This means choosing Pokemon that have high attack stats, good movesets, or a type advantage against common opponents.

Don’t waste valuable resources on weaker or less useful Pokemon just because they’re rare or cute.

Next, consider how much Stardust and Candy it takes to level up each of your Pokemon.

Some require more than others depending on their current level and rarity.

It’s best to save these resources until you have enough to make a significant difference in your character’s strength.

Finally, don’t forget about evolving your Pokemon as well! Evolved forms typically have higher stats than their earlier versions but may require more candy to evolve.

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